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Hot Fuzz (2007) CineWorld Hull. Heating Fixed At Last!

Super Cop (Simon Pegg) is making the Met look bad with his swashbuckling, crime busting genius and is transferred to a “Sleepy Backwater”. But things are far from what they seem…..

Billed as the “Comedy of the Year” (Empire Magazine) Hot Fuzz has caused quite a stir and the biggest auditorium at CineWorld was 2/3rds full more than a week after the picture’s opening so is the hype justified?

Yes. In a word. The production values are first class meaning that no expense has been spared and the action scenes are very well choreographed with brilliant photography plus there is plenty of gross out gore and loads of cool explosions.

The film is Ealing Comedy meets The Comic Strip, with a dose of the Office thrown in for good measure at the start of the film.

Pegg’s character is sent to Sandford where we are introduced to a cast of the weird and wonderful, evoking the classic Alan Partridge line of; “You don’t like outsiders much…. Your wife is in fact your brother”, and it also put me in mind of the under rated comedy of last year, “Suburban Shootout” where totally off beat weirdness goes on behind the veneer of the local Am Dram and Antiques Society.

It’s great send up of up tight English mores as well as being just stupid for stupid’s sake, something British comedy is so good at.

Jim Broadbent proves his versatility as the mad Superintendent with World Domination ambitions plus Paddy Considine provides plenty of laughs as the lazy but with pretensions to be cool CID Officer, and Timothy Dalton is the ultra smooth cartoon baddie.

Pegg, and his co star Nick Frost (hapless, childish PC) have a good comic chemistry from Shaun of the Dead and I would say their performances are stronger in this film, which I would rate above SOTD.

My only beefs were that it was perhaps 15 minutes too long as there is a slack bit when Pegg first goes to Sanford, and the dialogue could have produced more gags, but that’s being ultra picky.

This is a great anti dote to the anodyne pap that is the British Rom Com genre, so beloved in the States but which turns me right off.


Martin Scorsese… About flippin time. Raging Bull, Good Fellas, Gangs of New York… the list is endless and now he has Best Director for the magnificent “Departed” which is up there with the best I’ve seen.

Justice has been done.


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