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George Bush Shafts Tony Blair Once Again, For Old Time’s Sake

At the Gleneagles summit in 2005, the G8 committed itself to increasing overall annual aid levels by $50bn by 2010 and doubling aid to Africa. Official figures for 2006 show that almost all these countries are behind their targets.

This is disgraceful

$50bn is a mere 0.15 per cent of the aggregate gross domestic product of the high-income countries.

Yet this sum might make a huge difference to the poor.

Aid is not a sufficient condition for development, but it is a necessary condition for the world’s poorest countries, particularly land-locked and resource-poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

How can the rich demand that African leaders keep their promises of better governance if they themselves do not keep their side of the bargain?

Socialist Worker? Militant? The Morning Star?

No. It’s the voice of Capitalism in the UK. Hard nosed realpolitik .The Financial Times.

This, from the Guardian;

The blame lies with the G8 leaders.

The public couldn’t be clearer about the urgent need for action, but the politicians prefer procrastination and complacency as millions continue to die from preventable poverty.

Not only have they betrayed the poor in developing countries but also their own citizens.”

This is heartbreaking stuff, and in 100 years time people will look back on this, the Genocide committed by the G8, in the way we view the Slave Trade or the Holocaust.

How can human beings treat each other like this?

With sheer, mind blowing contempt?Only one man comes away with any credit.

Tony Blair.

Bob Geldof praised Tony Blair, who he said had "gone down all guns blazing" in an effort to get the eight nations to deliver on previous aid commitments.

But once again, Blair’s supreme naivety has been his undoing.

Unusually for a politician he is absolutely straight. We may not always agree with him, but he is sincere and means what he says.

And he has incredible self belief. This resulted in him doing what many said was the undoable of economic growth with the benefits being spread amongst the many and not the few.

It produced the Liberation of Kosovo and Sierra Leone.

But it also produced the carnage in Iraq due to his stupid belief that everyone else is as straight down the line as he is.

Once again George W. Bush has made a damn fool out of Tony Blair, standing there with his chimp like grin and vacant eyes. So utterly brainless that he has no concept of the consequences of his actions. Too thick to realise this is real and people die.

What a way for Blair to leave Office.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


One thought on “George Bush Shafts Tony Blair Once Again, For Old Time’s Sake

  1.  I am reminded of that fantastic 80’s show Not The Nine O’Clock News and one of their songs….
    If I had a bomb & a plane to drop it from, i’d drop it on you, world leaders
    I’ve had it up to here with your verbal diahorrea, you’re power crazy.!!
    Nuff Said…. 

    Posted by Michael | June 11, 2007, 10:03 am

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