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Vacancy (2007) Dir. Nimrod Antal (No really) Hull CineWorld

A warring couple lose their way late at night and are forced to check into a hill billy run Motel where they seem set to become the latest stars of a real life slasher snuff movie….

I found this an enjoyable hour and a half of entertainment as the script was tight, and the writers ratcheted up the tension nicely to produce an excellently taught finale.

Kate Bekinsale, Luke Wilson and Frank Whaley were believable as the unfortunate couple and their chief tormentor in a basically three hander of a cast, and overall as a thriller it worked well and the nods to Psycho were there but not obtrusive.

Thus I can’t get my head around Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian who wrote; “

the same old sorts of things happen, and the rigorous plausibility and consistency on which everything depends are thrown away”.

Look at the genre dummy.

When you go to the pictures the whole point is to suspend reality unless it’s Bowling for Columbine or Schindler’s List.

What “rigorous plausibility” is he referring to? They check into the 21st Century equivalent of the Bates Motel and the Owner is a card board cut out nutter. That happens to me every day. Obviously.

Every single time I see a film it’s likely that Bradshaw has seen a totally different picture to the rest of us.

Critics are meant to be controversial and stoke things up, but Bradshaw is just plain daft.

Emily Parr was rightly ejected from Big Brother for the use of grossly offensive language, and correctly I would contend racist expletives are only to be used in the a context which promotes a sensible portrayal of the issue.

The Parr episode plus an excellent article by Guardian Woman’s Editor Kira Cochrane got me thinking about the use of language in popular culture.

Cochrane was commenting on stats that show that roughly 10% of property crime is actually completely made up. But you never hear the phrase “crying burglary” that you would with rape, even though the latter is only falsely reported in 3% of cases.

In this film the male psychotic protagonist beats up the female whilst shouting foul, misogynistic filth at her.

If the victim had been black, and the bile of the racist kind, what would have been the reaction of the censor, the media and the audience?

Totally different I warrant and just shows that we in the West have no right to criticise how other cultures treat women.

And just to cap it all I happened to see the Scum in the barbers, which has been frothing at the mouth regarding the McCann case but had a six year old singer being praised by Simon Cowell OPPOSITE the topless Page 3 girl. And they have the temerity to critisise the veil as oppressive to women…


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