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Harriet Harman: Dishonesty Wins the Day

Harriet Harman is an opportunist of the worst type, insincere, runs with whoever will make her look good, and as a Cabinet Minister had to be relieved of her duties in 1998 for not being on top of her brief and a liability in the Commons and in front of the media.

Additionally, in cahoots with Gordon Brown and her husband, Jack Dromey she sought to do Tony Blair as much damage as possible regarding the cash for honours non event and during the September “Month of Madness” she, along with Brown remained deafeningly silent when Tom Watson and his pathetic wanabees tried to politically assassinate the prime Minister. This following their lack of visible support for Tony Blair in the wake of perceived failings in the 2006 Local Elections.

To cap it all, her arrogant hubris during the Deputy leadership Campaign led her to say; “

Under Neil Kinnock and John Smith I helped re-shape the Labour Party and prepare for victory in 1997. “

The truth is a bit different. The Shadow Cabinet elections always had to have women in a greater proportion to their numbers in the PLP, so Harman was foisted upon the leadership and as soon as it was possible, she was dropped. This is the prime example of where Positive Discrimination can have the effect of promoting people beyond their competence.

And only one day on from her victory in the Deputy Leadership, her failing have come back to haunt her as on The Today Programme she had the brass neck to simply lie about her recent conversion to the fact that Iraq is a disaster.

She said it to make herself look good and hope that she would pick up second preference votes from the woeful Jon Cruddas. That’s what happened and why she won.

Paxman: "Do you think the party should say sorry for what has happened [in Iraq]?

 Jon Cruddas: "I do, actually, as part of the general reconciliation with the British people over what’s been a disaster in Iraq…"

 Harriet Harman [interrupting]: "Yep, I agree."

Cruddas: "I don’t think we can actually rebuild a sense of trust and a dialogue with the British people unless we fundamentally reconcile ourselves to what the situation is on the ground and our own culpability in creating it."

Harman: "I agree with that."

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning:

Harman: "I’ve never said that the government should apologise. "How many times can I say it?

Unbelievable. Or maybe not given her past conduct.

She is epitome of why the Public are so distrustful of politicians and we just have to hope that she can be sidelined as much as possible when it comes to the crunch.

I’m disappointed by the result, mainly because of Hazel Blears’ poor showing and the fact that Cruddas was in the lead after the first round, which to me demonstrates that the rank and file membership are not confident enough about what we have achieved and the focus on this has been lost.

The fact that Brown hasn’t actually earned the Premiership, means that he may feel underlying insecurities and that he is Premier due to other people decisions rather than achieving it off his own bat.

Perhaps now would be a good time to seek a fresh mandate, move things on and gain some momentum. And expose Cameron for what he really is.


About dermotrathbone

Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


2 thoughts on “Harriet Harman: Dishonesty Wins the Day

  1. I am at an absolute loss to understand where her votes came from. Still quite stunned. Still, time to unite and focus on the real enemy.

    Posted by Ian | June 25, 2007, 9:50 pm
  2. "which to me demonstrates that the rank and file membership are not confident enough about what we have achieved and the focus on this has been lost."Bloody hell, did the fact that Hazel put these cards on the table and STILL came 6th, INCLUDING in the membership section alone (let alone the unions) not say anything?Does the genesis of ‘Progress’, ‘The 2020 vision’ and ‘Keep the faith’, along with the famous ‘gordonisamoron.com’ not register on some sort of a list of utteerly failed cheerleading projects for which there is no demand, in country or party?The fact that no ‘faction’ in the party, save the government, has access to the media completely unimportant in your gauging of how succesful the sending of the message has been?Labour is not for standing around cheering what we’ve done, because it’s not around to stand cheering for things which are the way they are, regardless of who did them.Labour is here to make change, so that’s what we should do. Our concentration should be exclusively about what we do in the future; as little as possible about defending or attacking our past.With regard to this: "The fact that Brown hasn’t actually earned the Premiership"; well, he did what was required of him under the rules. Your point was made repetivively by John McDonnell; it is one to which I humbly reccomend little credence should be given.Apologies for the counter-rant, but it needed doing.I totally agree with you about Harriet. Say something, or say something else. Don’t try and escape responsibility for which you volunteer!

    Posted by - | June 26, 2007, 3:25 am

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