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Horton Hears a Who (2008) Dir Jimmy Hayward. Vue Cinema Hull

I deliberately didn’t read any reviews of this film; I just wanted to take my son to see a movie, not get into a heavy-duty dissection of what or may not be the agenda of a kid’s film.


I’ve read the controversies surrounding the penguin film, is it or isn’t it Christian Fundamentalist propaganda, and my reaction is; “Get over it! It’s flippin film for crying out loud!”  


But… By the end of this film I was starting to get irate and feel like the writers were making some lame point about how Christians are an oppressed minority, and the Big Bad Atheist Lobby won’t believe in what they spout unless they have incontrovertible proof.


The basic plot is that Jim Carrey’s animated elephant Horton can hear a whole civilisation existing as a speck on a flower. He goes out of his way to protect them in the face of the scorn and disbelief of his peers.


The book, which I checked out in Waterstones, afterwards is a ten-minute read job, and I found it endearing.


But the movie is padded out and is about as subtle as a brick. Yes, we get it that you can’t see God. Yes, we get it about intelligent design. Blah, blah. Yawn.


I asked Conor if he enjoyed it. He said yes, mostly I suspect because of the well animated, slick and colourful production values, but when I asked him if it was funny he said; “Not much. Only a bit”.


Which surprised me as I thought a film voiced by Carrey and Steve Carrell would set out to be hilarious.


But even without my objections on propaganda grounds, it was just slow and unmemorable, padded out with stuff like the old Elephant On a Rope Bridge gag.


 Disappointing really would sum up my feelings on this film.


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