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The FIFA World Cup

England 2-1 Slovenia (Under 21). England 2-2 Czech Republic. Crapello Out

Another Autumnal night in the teeming rain at Wembley. Another stodgy, error strewn and clueless performance from an England team woefully low on confidence and coached by a guy with, it seems little touch or feel for how our national team should play.


Nothing has changed since the dog days of Steve McClaren’s stunningly inept reign and it seemed somehow appropriate that it should be another eastern European side, strong on technical ability but who should have been rolled over easily enough, that showed up just how bad things have got for this generation of England players.


I fully admit that I, along with many others are given to wild fluctuations of emotions regarding England, but that is the lot, and indeed the right of the fans as we have experienced far more let downs than highs over the years.


Italia 90 and Euro 96 apart it been a tough slog and if you support a lower ranked domestic team the England set up is your only realistic chance of sharing the glory of a trophy with, so it takes an inflated importance unlike fans of the so called Big Four.


Wayne Rooney summed up what ails England at the moment, as his commitment to the cause is misused by the Coach who plays him out of position leading to frustration, and more mistakes and lack of structure to his game.


We were abysmal last night, Capello’s fist pumping relief when Joe Cole snuck an injury time equaliser betrayed the sorry state of the Coach’s convictions about how well he has handled matters in his first season at the helm.


The talent is there. Too much faffing around with micro tactics that began in the latter Sven era restricts the natural exuberance and passion of players such as Lampard, Gerrard and Joe Cole.


When was the last time we played with any joie de vivre, some smiles and laughs? No wonder the midfield can’t play together. They are too depressed.


Pick 4-4-2. Let the players sort themselves out re the Gerrard/ Lampard conundrum. They should go out for a few bevy’s and decide who does what during the game.  If they fail to agree have a drinking contest to decide it.


Well, it seems every other avenue has been explored by three successive Managers, so why not?


The Under 21’s impressed at Walton Street on Tuesday and a healthy crowd of around 10,000 saw an entertaining, and above all purposeful display from a team who knew their roles and played with good technique, pride and passion in the likeness of their Manager. They kept it simple. Get the ball, pass to a red shirt and move to a position where you can support the guy with the ball, or close an opponent down. Football is not, after all that complicated a game.


 Stuart Pearce take a bow. Crapello out.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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