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“Fury” (2001) by Salman Rushdie

A University Professor leaves his wife and son, hoping to disappear to a new life in Manhattan…


As for what happens next I have no idea, as this book is totally unreadable, just one long Pseuds Corner entry in Private Eye from a guy who seems to have made a living by pedalling verbal quiddities to a confused Islington set, the Liberal Elite who dominate the media, non of whom dare break ranks and declare Rushdie’s ludicrous drivel as actually not very good.


I tried, how I tried, as I remember how difficult it was to read Clockwork Orange and The Damned United until your brain tunes into the rhythm of the writing. Both were totally worth it, but after 100 pages I had to admit defeat, and I can’t get my head around how anyone could enjoy such utterly self indulgent Aren’t – I – So – Clever dross.


“My name amuses you? So laugh. The chentleman, Mr. Simon, calls me Kitchen Schlink, to his Mrs. Ada I’m also Bathroom Schlink, let zem call me Schlink the Bismarck, it von’t bother me, it’s a free country, but in my business I haff no use for humor. In Latin, humor is a dampness from the eye. This is to quote Heinrich B�ll, Nobel Prize nineteen hundred seventy-two. In his line of vork he alleges it’s helpful, but in my job it leads to mistakes. No damp eyes on me, eh?, and no chokes in my tool bag. Chust I like to do the vork prompt, receive payment also prompt, you follow me here. Like the shvartzer says in the movie, show me the money. After a war spent plugging leaks on a Nazi U-boat, you think I can’t fix up your little doofus here?”

You what, mate?

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