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Mark Thomas: Pocklington Arts Centre

There is a certain breed of Lefty, who no matter what, finds plenty to moan about.


Mark Thomas is one such example, but not as bad as Jeremy Hardy it has to be said.


And in common with Hardy, Thomas is a bit too desperate to prove how working class his upbringing was. Funny that, because a perusal of his biog on the Guardian website informs us that Mark attended a top Sussex boarding school, so his stories about his foul mouthed “builder” father ring a bit hollow. Is that “builder” in the way Lord McAlpine can be considered to be one?


Why are these people full of such self-loathing? It’s the lazy option for most of us to be Socialists whereas I admired Tony Blair all the more for his stinking opulence and privilege as its much more of a leap for a guy like him.


No matter. Thomas is a very funny man and is a tireless campaigner against things that really do matter such as the arms trade and the onslaught on Civil Liberties by the worst excesses of the Stalinist control freaks at the top of New Labour.


The show comprised of two sections. An hour of stand up followed by Mark reading through and commenting on audience suggestions for the way forward in our Society.


Mark Thomas is passionate about what he does, and fair play to him for grinding the Met down by applying for 2,500 demonstration orders regarding Parliament Square in order to expose the ridiculous attack on democracy that means someone sitting down in front of the Houses of Parliament to have a flask of tea can be arrested if the accompanying cake says “PEACE” in icing. This is a political statement, which constitutes a demo, which is against the law in front of the home of Democracy.


No. Really. It happened. A lady was arrested for this very thing so Mark inundated the Met with daft, but necessary until they begged Jack Straw to change the law back just to save the sanity of the desk Sergeant.


But Mark is grimly depressing, and it irritated me no end when he ran around the stage declaring, “we are all fucked”, regarding the Banking crisis.


Fucked, in my opinion is living on less than a dollar a day, and not having a flush toilet or paper to wipe with, so in this spirit my suggestion was, “Everyone to be more positive and count their blessings”.


He read it out. Unfortunately it came after a suggestion that all Bankers be hunted with dogs, which got a big laugh. My contribution was met by a resounding “aahh”, as in when they show a kitten playing with a ball of wool on telly. I was mortified but luckily no one noticed.


It’s an interesting thing to me that the Left can invent all sorts of tortures for Jeremy Clarkson and Bankers, whilst being liberally indignant about the death penalty. I’m not having a sense of humour by pass here, as jokes are often a reflection of true underlying feelings.


So this is not the point to accuse Mark of being too earnest then….


 Overall it was a good show but most of the audience were Middle Class, middle aged, right on Guardian readers. A bit like looking in the mirror


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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