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This 2005 Parliament is Beyond Redemption. Dissolution and Immediate General Election Please!

"Mistake", (Ed Balls/ Yvette Cooper).
"Dodgy accounting", (Elliot Morley).
"A good job accountancy isn’t my main job!" (Jack Straw).
"A oversight". (Hazel Blears).
I have to claim Incapacity and other benefits and am made to feel like a total skank for so doing, but if I "forgot" to mention my pension do you honestly think that the authorities would roll their eyes indulgently and go, "Ooo, what are you like, cup cake. You old scatterbrain!"
Of course not.
Or what if, through overwork, juggling family commitments, looking after the needs of demanding employees, a self employed person messed up a tax return, or God forbid the VAT?
Indulgence? No. Prosecution, loss of home, employess hoyed on the dole? Oh yessity yes.
I admired Hazel Blears immensely and served in a minor role as part of her Deputy leadership bid team, she always struck me as being real, grounded and in politics for the right reasons, given her background in Local Govenment when she could have coined it in with a private law practice.
But she has been sucked into the over self esteem vortex where the Elite tell themselves that they are being "selfless" by opting to enter the House and that they are somehow more worthwile than those high flyers in industry and commerce because they are working for the Many Not The Few.
Hilary Benn and Alan Johnson claim the bare minimum. This is because they believe, as I did, that to work for and on behalf of the people is an honour and a privilege. Dream up the world that you want to live in, try and make it happen and get paid for it. Lucky bastard.
Driving here there and everywhere to represent my NUT colleagues, getting up at 6 am on a freezing Saturday to go and sit in a draughty school hall organising against SATs, tramping the streets for the Labour Party. I loved every minute. (Not).
This is why I am so utterly devastated by the actions of so many of our MP’s.
This Parliament, as epitomised by it’s woeful Speaker, is completley deviod of authority.
It should be dissolved and a General Election called. That way corrupt incumbants can be ditched by their local Parties of whatever hue, and a fresh start can be made.
And whilst we are at it, the Labour Party’s mendacious attempts to talk up the BNP as a means of distraction, are politics taken to the gutter. Stop it, and stop it now.

About dermotrathbone

Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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