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Hull City 0-0 Portsmouth. Total Dross. Phil Brown Out.

It is the manner of this performance that concerns me the most.


Flat, insipid. Lacking any sort of inspiration. In 180 minutes of Premier League football we have not made the opposition ‘keeper make one single conventional shot stopping save. Not good enough.


I said pre season that being in the Premier League was a learning curve for all of us connected with Hull City, but Phil Brown has shown himself totally incapable of making professional progress and should leave the Club now whilst we still have a chance of turning things around.


His replacement should be Blackpool boss Ian Holloway who has proved that he is ready for a shot at the Big Time.


I write only two hours after the final whistle. Emotions are running high. And the news around the City, if it is true about Jimmy Bullard has left us all incandescent with rage. The Mail and the other news media are not saying anything yet and I do not intend to repeat unsubstantiated rumours here, but the wide spread nature of this story make it veracity depressingly real.


Phil brown should go for the following reasons;


1)        He does not know his best eleven, and hasn’t done so for a year.

2)        His tactical decisions, recently 4-5-1 make the team awful to watch and Jan Venegor Of Hesslelink must be distraught with frustration at the soul-destroying role that he is required to fill playing up on his lonesome.

3)        Brown continues to fall out with is players in the most unprofessional and child like way. His stupid “motivational” gambits, the latest making the players stroll up and down Anlaby Road to see “real” people at work, and walking them around the derelict Boothferry Park so they could “appreciate where this Club has come from” are just laughable. As if any of the players give a toss about that stuff. We are all realistic enough to realise what the modern pro is like. It’s not ideal but you have to deal with it. Bobby Robson managed it whilst maintaining his dignity and respect within the game.

4)        We have become dreadful to watch, and the confidence continues to ebb from the team and the fans with every painful moment of the season.

5)        If Duffen acts now we have winnable games away at Burnley, at home to Stoke and West Ham to come and we need to be out of the bottom three come the opening of the window if we are to attract quality players.

6)        I believe that there is just about enough quality in the squad, provided it is well enough organised for us to stay up, but the axe must fall now.


I want to be wrong. So very much, especially since Phil Brown took us to the Promised Land but the guy is simply out of his depth, exemplified by his need to be “one of the lads”, but when the pressure comes to bear he turns on his players at the drop of a hat.


About dermotrathbone

Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


One thought on “Hull City 0-0 Portsmouth. Total Dross. Phil Brown Out.

  1. He didnt go and again @ blackburn we drew 0~0 but he wont goIts not his fault we r losing its the playersim a beloved city supporter avin a season pass & goin 2 alot of away gamesim 9 but up the tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Isobel | December 12, 2009, 7:45 pm

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