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Act on CO2 Advert. Seeing is Believing

I do subscribe to the view that global warming is a reality, and we need to do something about how we generate energy mainly because our addiction to oil is only going to end in tears, so it is vital that we cut emissions at home whilst supporting sustainable development abroad.


This is why a deal in Copenhagen is so important, especially as we have a progressive US President, and why the Government should incentivise in a meaningful way the energy companies to convert to re newables.


If not then a bit of stick needs to go with the carrot in the form of windfall taxes to be spent on what I see as our main priority; clean coal.


However. There is a an almost frightening symptom of the Secular Society on offer when it comes to climate change, for as soon as anyone dare challenge orthodoxy (the view that human activity is the main driving force behind global warming) then they are immediately shouted down and about as listened to as David Irving and Nick Griffin discussing the Holocaust.


Changing to re newables is pragmatic and helpful in so many ways, but the hysterical hot air generated by sections of the green movement is akin to fundamentalism and there is no better example than this offensive piece of junk from the Government’s Action on CO2 advertising campaign.


How low can you stoop? I would like to get the person who thought this up and send them to the back of the class in disgrace.


I hate people who use the first three words in the next paragraph, as they are inevitably insufferable self indulgent bores, who somehow think that being a parent is some great amazing journey of spirtual self discovery, but here goes…


As a father I found the below video in the poorest of taste for a multitude of reasons that I can’t be bothered to list, as with one viewing you will see what I mean.


If the Tories want to portray us as a load of Stalinist control freaks, then we have provided them with the perfect Orwellian example.

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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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