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Hull City

Hull City 2-1 Stoke City. Life in a Day.

This post should begin with a sentence which contains the words “turbulent, Hull City, history and fortnight”, but this last couple of weeks is inevitable given our past, as the Tigers rollercoaster just continues to run and run and run.

We don’t do stability. Ever. My lifetime has seen the following sequences; a double relegation followed by administration in 1982. Then came the Don Robinson era of two promotions and a sixth place finish in Division Two under current Assistant Boss Brian Horton in 1986 and the promise of playing on the Moon. No really. Horton was sacked in April 1988 which precipitated the slide all the way back to the basement under the Fish/  Dolan regime. Next came the ill fated David Lloyd era which made us the laughing stock of football. Following this debacle Messrs Buchannan and Hichcliffe attempted to take us to the Conference via a spell in jail and being locked out which ended in administration. Again. Adam Pearson comes on his white charger and two promotions later we are calmly ensconced in the Championship. Enter Paul Duffen and the madness really kicks off…..

The truth is that Duffen and Brown lost all sense of reason and boy, did we enjoy it. The best piss up in the history of football, but now the crushing hangover has kicked in.

We are £23 million in the red, have a first team squad of 40 and, get this the THIRD highest wage bill in the Premier League. Mental. Bartlett had to put up some money this week just to keep the day to day running of City going which tells you that Adam Pearson must have a screw loose coming back.

But thank you. There is a God. Feet have been placed firmly on the ground. Pearson has told Mr Phillip Brown that he is employed to manage a football team, not pratt about on Sky in a pink sweater, or prance about singing on the pitch. His inner twit needs to stay exactly that. Inner.

Based on this I now believe that Brown, reigned in by a pragmatic Chairman and with the real world in his sights deserves one more shot as Boss. This will mean sticking by him (provided he keeps his antics under control) no matter what. Hell, high water or the drop.

But if Pearson is to pull the trigger it should be now as there is a two week break for whoever (Coppell according to Hold the Back Page) to come in, evaluate and sort.

Today was worth all the hype and speculation off the pitch, and the dross on it.

The spirit of this City of mine never fails to amaze me. We filled the stadium and cheered till the roof came off when we would have had every right to stay away or complain. But we didn’t and that inspired the team and even after going one down, we had the courage and fortitude to bounce back, largely due to the fans who just kept on cajoling and encouraging the players onwards.

When Vennegor of HessleRoad netted the injury time winner it was the best moment I’ve ever had as a City fan.

Battered, bruised, hurting but never ever beaten or bereft of hope. My City, my team, my life all in one Jimmy Bullard inspired moment of joy. Life. Microcosm. Nice one.


About dermotrathbone

Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


One thought on “Hull City 2-1 Stoke City. Life in a Day.

  1. My views on Agent Orange are well documented, however I’ve said all along he kept you up last season, be it by the width of a fag paper or not, he did it, that fact alone deems him worthy of another season at it.Too many average players though in the squad suggest Hull won’t be so fortunate this time round.You’ll most likely need a Newcastle style collapse by someone otherwise it looks like curtains.

    Posted by Michael | November 11, 2009, 3:16 pm

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