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Jedward: Simon Cowell Proves It’s All About the Cash

When those pesky X Factor Twins were finally in the bottom two and into the sing off, it was inevitable that they would finally be going home and that the joke had at last worn too thin. Surely, especially as they were up against Lucie Jones, a shock inclusion in the final show down?

We all knew that Louis would keep his act, despite their obvious inability to sing, dance or do anything with a modicum of entertaining ability. Fair dos. It was his bananas decision to inflict the gruesome twosome on the great British Public in the full knowledge that we are suckers for the under dog, no matter how talentless, and if it upsets Simon, then so much the better.

Danni, likewise would save her act (despite chronic song choices) and Cheryl would do the decent thing then allowing Simon the luxury of the final coup de grace, having stated he would leave the country if the twins were to win.

But in a shocking and blatant show of tactical voting, Simon opted for deadlock sure in the knowledge that the twins would have the better of the public vote despite saying he would make his decision solely on the performance, which Lucie won by a country mile.

Why, after all the negativity and bad mouthing did Simon save the twins over an extremely talented singer who, given the right material could have won?

Cash. Nothing more, nothing less due to the tabloid frenzy which feeds the ratings and encourages more people to vote and pour cash into Simon’s pocket. Kerching. Thanks ever so much.

We enjoy the X Factor in this house and Conor keeps a record of marks out of 20 for each act, although he always gives Jamie 20/20 no matter what, but Simon is making a mockery of the whole kitten kaboodle by sending home such a talent at the expense of the twins.

An additional benefit for Simon is that if one of his acts has a bad week he now has the twins as an insurance policy against say Jamie being turfed out as the judges vote will go his way.

My prediction is for Olly Murs to win, with the young Geordie lad coming second and Jamie Afro third. I expect Lloyd to go next (if not the twins) followed by Stacey and the talented by annoying Daniel, but given last night’s shenanigans anything could happen.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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