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The Tories Exposed Over Europe.

David Cameron has decided to re align the Tories within the European Parliament, leaving the Centre Right Christian Democrat Bloc, which includes German Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkosi’s MEPs, and joined with the Far Right European Conservative and Reformists (ECR) group led by Polish all round head banger Michael Kaminski.


Kaminski demanded that the Jews apologise for the conduct of Communist Partisans operating against the Nazi occupation of Poland before he was prepared to make any comments decrying Nazi racial policy that culminated in a massacre at Jedwabne, Poland, in 1941 and ultimately the Holocaust.


If you are asking the Polish nation to apologise for the crime made in Jedwabne, you would require from the whole Jewish nation to apologise for what some Jewish Communists did in Eastern Poland."


Here is Kaminski’s pedigree as reported by the BBC website;


Kaminski was a member of an underground group called the National Revival of Poland (NOP).

Its own posters proclaim: "Fascists? We’re worse!" 

Kaminski declared in election literature “Poland for the Poles", and heaped praise on Roman Dmowski who in the ‘Thirties described Poland’s Jews – then numbering three million – as the country’s most dangerous enemy and called for them to emigrate en masse. 

On migrant workers David Cameron’s leader in the European distributed election leaflets that declared that such workers from the former Soviet Union brought typhus and malaria. 

Kaminski is vehemently opposed to equal rights for gays and lesbians, and like Cameron is enthusiastically against the provisions of the Social Chapter from Maastrict, which is re emphasised in the Lisbon Treaty. 

Edward Macmillan Scott, a Tory MEP since 1984 stood against Kaminski for the Vice President’s role within the Parliament, won and was rewarded with the withdrawal of the Tory whip. 

William Hague wrote to Scott and said about his expulsion; 

“There is the additional consideration that you have made your allegations against an individual who is a good friend of the Conservative party and against a party (the PiS) allied to the Conservative party in the European parliament."


They say you can tell a great deal about people by the friends they keep.


Cameron is on record as saying that he wants the UK to be exempt from the Social Chapter, something which John Major negotiated but as soon as Labour came to power Tony Blair reversed.


So which bits don’t the Tories like?


Equal pay for women and men?

The minimum wage?

Paid holidays?

Maternity leave?

Rights and protection for temporary workers?

Retention of conditions where a company changes hands?


Are we to gather that by withdrawing the Tories want to ditch all of the above?


On the face of it David Cameron and William Hague’s decision to get out of mainstrean European politics looks like a kamikaze move as, if the Tories ever went to a Euro Summit as our elected Government, then the Franco/ German leaders wouldn’t give Cameron the time of day, and we would be emasculated amd left with no input when the big decisions are made.


But in the lomg run perhaps this is the Tory plan. Get visibly marginalised, portray the UK as the victim of Euro perfidity, and ultimatley get the Media into an anti EU frenzy so that they can pop the question of getting out completley via a referendum because Lisbon is now non negotiable.


We need to expose the Tories on this issue, which has always been their achillies heel, and effectivley wrecked John Major’s Government.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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