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WTF Talk Radio. Crawford/ Marten. The Big Interview Monday 5th April 8PM

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Haltemprice and Howden is to take part in a groundbreaking web cast at 8pm this coming Monday April 5th.


Danny Marten, 23 is appearing on We Talk Freely Radio, which is a rapidly growing web based radio station set up by Hull born entrepreneur Steve Crawford who who is a successful director and producer based in Milton Keynes, Bucks. Steve launched the station in March and his thrice-weekly show has received calls from listeners all over the UK as well as continental Europe and Brisbane Australia.


Mr. Marten feels it is vital that politicians reach out to the voters in order to re build trust, which has been severely damaged by the expenses scandal and the recent revelations regarding lobbying for money.


“I am disgusted by the actions of a minority of MPs who have brought the whole process into disrepute”, said Mr. Marten.


“I am determined bring a fresh approach to the way we conduct our politics and this must start with us being accountable to the voters whom we wish to serve. As a result our campaign is asserting traditional values of talking to voters but in a modern context. As well as the usual methods of electioneering we are seeking to connect to a whole new generation of voters via Facebook, Twitter, blogging and appearances on new media such as We Talk Freely.  I live and breath local issues, and here we can demonstrate to an international audience how politicians can make a difference to their own communities as well as commenting on wider political matters.”


Steve said; "I’m very pleased to welcome a young politician with the insight to embrace new opportunities opened up by advances in technology. We leverage the latest software tools to broadcast and connect with people across the political spectrum. It’s free for listeners to call or text us no matter where in the world they are, which means Danny will be getting the opportunity to connect with ex-pats who listen from overseas as well as voters much closer to home.


http://www.wtftalkradio.co.uk/ is the venue 8PM Monday 5th April.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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