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We Ignore Raoul Moat At Our Peril

On Question Time the panel were discussing the Facebook campaign in support of Raoul Moat, and George Galloway said that there are a lot of angry, frustrated, white working class people out there who feel that their needs are not taken into account, and reckon that they are utterly ignored in the country of their birth.  He went on to say, and this anger is turned against the police, politicians and anybody in authority and is near to boiling point and could really explode. The risk of serious civil unrest is never far from the agenda when you factor in the spectre of mass long term youth unemployment has returned to the feast.


The Moat case provides a stern warning for the political class. Failed by the prison system and failed by the chronic lack of support from the overstretched and exhausted Probation Service and living the chaotic lifestyle of the underclass Moat, a totally amoral character, broke under the pressure and the result was depraved and evil behaviour.


But why the eulogisations on Facebook? It seems just so beyond the pale. And there lies the answer. The Guardian reading Liberal Elite just don’t get it about the serious disengagement there is out there amongst a sizable minority of people who feel Society has nothing to offer them and therefore don’t have a problem with someone taking on the Police and Authority in general, no matter how evil the acts may be.


More often than not they are victims of bad parenting, observers or recipients of casual violence in the home and prone to serious lack of self-esteem which is compensated for by macho or loudmouthed behaviour.


Then there is latest report of behalf of the Children’s Society which confirms that the Judge in the Shannon Matthews case was referring to more than just her Mum when he described Karen as, “being incapable of putting the needs of her children first”.

It seems that we are reaping the whirlwind of the “No Such Thing as Society” mentality whereby a significant minority of parents think that their own happiness comes first.

Karen Matthews is but an extreme example, but when parents give up relationships at the drop of a hat because hey! I deserve to be happy, what are kids meant to take from that? It leads to a lack of respect for self, and others which turns into hedonism, binge drinking, drugs and a cycle of dysfunctionalist behaviour in a minority which has a disproportionate impact on Society and in extremis leads to the Moat situation.

Again it’s extreme but worth bearing in mind as there is a hard core of people out there for whom casual disrespect, often leading to violence is just a way of life.

There is no regret, witness the laughter in court from the families of those responsible for the murder of Rhys Jones when the risible sentences were handed down. Never mind that the Jones’ had lost their son, in the eyes of some on the Croxteth Estate the perpretators had been “grassed” on, and that, it seems was the real “crime”.

The ConDems have set their stall out. Their target is World Class Public Services created by thirteen years of a Labour Government and the people who need them the most are the poor, and those really up against it. The poor need the Government to build on the foundations that were laid by SureStart, nursery places, tax credits and the targeted investment that can turn these areas of our country around.


Cameron and his puppet Clegg hate the Public Sector. The savage cuts are political. The balance between tax rises and cuts is wrong by about £70 billion and will create a ‘Thirties style era of sluggish growth, mass unemployment but with increased profits for the fat cats whilst the dole queue is the way to control workers into accepting anything and being grateful for it.


Unless we cut responsibly and raise targeted taxation the global economic meltdown has the potential to unlock a myriad of underlying social problems, and could end up producing a spasm of epic proportions, changing this country forever and this is why we need to deal with the section of society that produced Karen Matthews and Raoul Moat because if the Labour Party doesn’t catch itself on and leaves a vacuum, a political movement with a smidgeon of credibility from the media could reach these people and would not be a vast leap to extremism.

 The “solution” to the last Depression was war. The cost of repairing economic demand and refloating the Capitalist ship was 56 million lives. A warning from history indeed.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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