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Ed Miliband at PMQ’s. Must Do Better

I believe that Ed Miliband is truly the right man to lead our Party as he stands for the values of democratic Socialism that reflect the burning desire of our members to deliver justice for the many and not the narrow few in our Society, but he has to up his game at the Dispatch Box and when dealing with the needs of real people in our nation. 

The hacking scandal has dominated the news over the last few days due to the fact that it isn’t now just about the Westminster Village and boorish celebrities, but affects real people in the real world culminating in the almost unbelievable news that Milly Dowler’s phone was hacked and that messages left for the 13 year old by her frantic parents were listened to, and then deleted to make more room for heart rending pleas. The fact that the phone memory had been deleted allowed the parents to believe that Milly was alive and picking up her voicemail. Truly revolting. 

Ed Miliband caught the public mood with his first question, calmly put but with real content but Cameron outwitted him by agreeing with the sentiments and then going further in his condemnation. Ed then wasted the next four questions before at last linking Coulson to Cameron directly, and bringing up the BskyB takeover. Too little, too late. 

The problem seemed to be that Ed had his six questions pre written, and when Dave actually answered them, he was stuck. What Ed needed to do was to land the killer blow about Coulson with his second question whilst questioning Cameron’s judgement. Once he had the PM on the ropes he could then have hit the Tories on the economy and the recent rejection of the “Listening Exercise” on the NHS by no less a group that the BMA.



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