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Amy Winehouse RIP.

I have been gob smacked by the sheer lack of empathy and bile heaped upon Amy Winehouse in the wake of her tragic but depressingly predictable demise at the age of just 27. Most refer to her death as “self inflicted”, and go on to wonder why someone with her money couldn’t sort themselves out, as if wealth is a get out of jail free card when it comes to depression and addiction issues. What I find sad about the whole sorry mess is that in the 21st century we still have people actively do not want to make one iota of effort to try and understand why people like Amy Winehouse end up in such a state of constant distress. 

My final riposte is taken from Sally Bercow’s twitter feed: “All those who think Amy Winehouse’s death was self inflicted can SOD OFF!” 

Below is what I thought of Amy’s Album “Black to Black”, way back in 2006. She never made another album. 

And so to my Album of the Year which is by Amy Winehouse and carries the unfortunate, but prescient title Back to Black. 

Her travails are well documented, and people seem to have plenty to say on the matter but all I can say is that I have nothing but admiration for her brutal honesty about herself and everything that ails her through the songs on this record, and the lyrics to Tears Dry On Their Own should not have to be written by a 23 year old with such a stunningly beautiful voice. 

Winehouse, a Working Class London girl, is the epitome of how we as a society oppress women and expect them to look and behave in a certain manner, and the fact that she describes herself as ugly, fat and no good, shows that the Islamic Fascists condoned by George Galloway, insisting on the burka and veil certainly do not have sole monopoly on putting women down. 

The voice of an angel, and a tortured genius. Sounds familiar to me, but please God Billie Holliday is only referred to regarding Amy for the voice and not the lifestyle.


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