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Quentin Letts: What a Horrible Little Man

 I generally reserve the emotion of hatred for individuals or organisations that are beyond redemption and have no positive features whatsoever. 

Hatred is best rationed otherwise it becomes corrosive. So for me it’s the IRA, Saddam Hussein, Kelvin McKenzie and the national Daily Mail who are recipients of my true ire. All are tediously self-explanatory in my book. 

The Mail cemented its place by today publishing the most poisonous piece of total bilious dross imaginable. The “journalist” Quentin Letts decided to pen a fun article where he makes suggestions to various celebrities concerning New Year’s resolutions. The pre requisite for such a jape must be that it be funny. It isn’t. Examples; Michael Gove, Education Secretary — to scrap Religious Studies and reintroduce Scripture as a scholastic discipline. Ho, ho, my sides are splitting, sew me up!

Then; Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury — to spend the holiday period watching a box-set of Arnold Schwarzenegger action films. Retribution, fire and brimstone, it’s (sic) there. You what? 

But then we get more offensive; John Sentamu, Archbishop of York — to take elocution lessons from Brian Sewell.

It gets worse; Nigella Lawson — star jumps, press-ups, running on the spot, Ryvita, or there will be no more television series for you, lady.

And; Classic FM station bosses — fewer Northern accents, if possible, please, on your airwaves. 

All just not funny, and showing Letts up for what he is. An embarrassing and sad little man. 

Until the pure acid eating away at Letts soul comes to the fore as he exhorts John Prescott to kill himself. Yes you read that right. He wants the former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK to take his own life. 

That needs no explanation. It is just plain sick. 

Clause 4i of the Press Complaints Commission Code of Conduct refers to intimidation and it is under that category that me, and numerous friends of JP on Twitter have reported Mr. Letts. 

Let’s see what happens next.


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Writer and co author "Through Red Lenses". Activist Unite the Union, Save Our NHS Hull. Fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Hull FC, Munster and Ireland Rugby. Views are mine alone and may not reflect the organisations concerned.


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