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Top Ten Best Simpsons Episodes

10: “Bart the General”. Bart organises the local kids to defeat arch nemesis bully Nelson Muntz. 

9: “Bart Sells His Soul”. Having been busted for playing a prank at Church, Bart sells his soul to Milhouse. 

8: “Marge vs The Monorail: A charismatic travelling salesman convinces the residents of Springfield to build a completely useless monorail with the $3 million that Mr. Burns was forced to pay to the city. 

7: “Homer’s Phobia”. When Bart befriends John, a gay purveyor of kitch and Americana, Homer’s attempts to keep Bart straight are a humorous challenge to the stupidity of homophobia. 

6: “Homer vs the 18th Amendment. Prohibition, Springfield style. 

5: “Krusty Gets Kancelled” Under threat of the show being axed, Bart enlists celebrity support, whilst we get to see the history of Krusty. 

4: “Bart the Genius”. Bart swaps his test paper with Martin’s and ends up at a school for child prodigies. 

3: “Dancin’ Homer” Homer becomes the Isotopes baseball team mascot, ending up in Capitol City. 

2: “Homer the Great” An unfortunate birthmark means Homer is the Chosen One for the Stonecutters who are a send up of Republican freemasons. 

1: “22 Short Films About Springfield From Skinner’s aurora borealis, to Tall Guy in a Small Car, this episode showcases everything that makes the Simpsons the best TV show ever made.


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