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Living With Cerebella Ataxia

Hull Royal Infirmary Acute Assessment Unit Is Not Fit For Purpose

I am too tired and too ill to go into enormous detail about how and why the Acute Assessment Unit, and Hull Royal Infirmary in general is a dysfunctional and dangerous environment for the citizens of Hull and the East Riding. The fact that my Dad entered HRI with constipation and left in the care of an undertaker in 2010, https://dermotrathbone.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/hull-primary-care-trusts-response-to-my-dads-death-then-my-response/   is enough evidence that it is a Mid Staffs basket case waiting to be exposed. Factor in my last brush with dodginess when I had a lung clot  https://dermotrathbone.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/hull-primary-care-trusts-lies-on-blood-clot-treatment/  and the evidence stacks up even more. 

Wednesday 11th admitted to HRI with suspected lung clot. Nothing remotely done for 25 hours even though I am a repeat offender in the clotting stakes, let alone suffering from the crippling degenerative condition anti GAD associated cerebella ataxia which I decided to “out” myself with last month via, https://dermotrathbone.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/i-have-anti-gad-associated-cerebella-ataxia/  This was due to fantastic support from Karl Turner MP and I felt comrades deserved to know why they were being asked to help me. 

Saturday 14th Sent home from HRI after only one scan and no further tests. The doctor then amended the notes to say I had discharged myself, perhaps due to the fact that the Matron had over ruled him in requesting a second opinion. 

Monday 16th. GP visited me at home, was so horrified that he sent me straight back to HRI and advised me to complain, saying he was absolutely disgusted by the actions of the hospital doctor who, it seems didn’t realise that I am a type one diabetic which apparently should have triggered other tests. 

3.15 AAU. A nurse tells me my ECG “looks a bit iffy, you may be having a heart attack, will find a doctor”. She escorts me to a “holding area” with hard seats. I am forced to sit in my wheelchair wondering what the fuck is happening to me. I don’t see another doctor till 7.20 (yes, really). I have little recollection but the “examination” takes place in the holding area. 8.30 a doctor finally listens to what I am saying. This is still in front of a packed holding area which, surreally now includes an ex Tigers legend who questions why all of us have to talk to staff in such an environment. I can’t drink anything because then I would need to go to the loo. 

Tuesday 17th 12.30am Finally transferred to Ward 26 Castle Hill. 

Thanks to Diana Johnson MP, the Hull Daily Mail are on to it and are set to do a story soon.


I will log my correspondence with HRI in due course.


This is once I have done battle with the Royal London who, with exquisite timing cancelled my plasma exchange, due tomorrow for another week due to “priorities”. I pity those poor buggers, they must be in a bad way!


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