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David Davis On the NHS: Complacent, Out of Touch and “Irrelevant To the Needs”

We agreed as an NHS Group to lobby our local MP’s and Councillors regarding the £99 million cuts at the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust, and the disastrous consequences which ensue. Factor in the NHS Health and Social Care Bill then you have a perfect storm which is set to destroy the NHS and send it into the hands of private companies who are circling like vultures.

First up is the letter, and then follows David Davis’ stunningly arrogant and out of touch reply where he refuses to address any of the issues raised.

It proves the Tories are out to destroy the NHS and simply don’t give a monkeys what the plebs think.

Dear David Davis,

The future of NHS and its place in our Society has been the subject of much discussion since this Government came to power in 2010. 

The Health and Social Care Bill became law in March 2012. I would like you to outline what you think will be the impact of this Bill on the way the NHS is delivered both nationally, and more specifically in our local area. What do you consider to be the most important changes, and what are the positives and negatives for patient care over the next few years. 

Secondly you will be aware that our local NHS Hospital Trust must find £99 million in savings over the next few years, starting with £24 million this year. The Trust has said 300 beds and ten wards must shut. This has begun with the axing of the Specialist Neurological Ward at Hull Royal Infirmary. The Consultants were so dismayed that they wrote an open letter in the summer, which said; “We have voiced our concerns on numerous occasions at managerial meetings and our opinions and concerns have been disregarded and a dictatorial approach has been taken, with new changes to our service implemented against our advice.”   

I would be interested to hear what you think about these savings, and the way that the Trust has handled them. What steps have you taken to find out about the impact of these savings on local patient care? 

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience on these serious issues. 

Yours truly,

Dear Mr Rathbone, 

Thank you for your email of 16th October.  Whilst I am very happy to deal with individual issues you are concerned about, I do not have the time at the moment to spend on philosophical debate about an Act which is already in Law.  For example, you ask what are the most important changes.  Each element of the Act was debated and disputed at great length and was very important to the people who engaged in that debate. 

As I said, if you have an individual issue which is worrying you, I am happy to take it up, as you may have seen from my intervention in the closure of Ward 6 at Castle Hill Hospital.  However, I cannot see the value in proffering general opinions about the operation of the Trust. 

Yours sincerely,

David Davis MP








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