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Whisper It: Arab Inertia Is the Cause of the Gaza Crisis

The leaders of the Arab World are at least consistent. If any of their brethren, be it the Algerian people in 1993 whose democratic Government was ousted by the Military, to the continuing grinding but solvable poverty endured by the Palestinians and now the brutal suppression of the Syrian people, the Arab World looks resolutely the other way. No our problem Guv’ 

But as soon as the West and the UN doing anything to ameliorate the lot of the downtrodden, then the despotic and corrupt ruling Arab Elite stick together and play the Nationalist anti Arab/ pro Zionist Card. 

The likes of the Saudi Royal Family, and the Oil Sheiks of the Emirates could have put a stop to the hideous suffering of the besieged Gazan people years ago. 

But this inertia that prevents the Arabs from using their petro chemical billions to alleviate the desperate suffering of the Palestinians still reigns. 

The Arab Leaders know that the best way to control their citizens is to keep them down, keep them ill educated, keep them poor and above all present them with the bogeyman of American and Israeli anti Islamism. 

The shame is that successive blunders all over the Middle East by the UK and America plays into the hands of these regressive anti education, anti women and anti democratic regimes which we continue to tacitly approve of by selling weapons and doing billions of pounds worth of business with.

Ideally the Gaza issue should, like Iraq and Saddam Hussein before it, be an Arab problem with an Arab solution, but until the Arab Powers live up to their responsibilities Israel has the right to defend itself. 

The Left has to get away from grandstanding over this issue. There are many Israelis who are progressive and want a genuine two state solution based on the on the 1967 borders. Support them. Hamas are nasty, repressive and anti working people. It may make certain people feel good to hit back at Israel but we need to remember this is an issue created by Capitalism with it’s divide and rule, pro religion-in-the-guise-of-freedom agenda. 

Only Socialism has the answers. 


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