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“The Enemy Within”. A Summary of the Thatcher Legacy

MaggieThe death of Thatcher has been met with justifiable relief and anger from those in the majority of the UK who were well and truly “transformed” by her brutal Premiership. 

Until 2010 the Thatcher Government was the most odious in our modern history. But David Cameron and his Cabinet of millionaires really do deserve a great deal of credit here. During the three years pf their tenure they have out done even Maggie in the cruelty and gratuitous bile heaped on the working class. Quite some acheivement.

There are so many appalling things to choose from when it comes to Thatcher. From Hillsborough to “care in the community”, from the deliberate destruction of Britain’s industrial base to the “no such things as Society” statement we would be here all day.

My choice is the “Enemy Within” quote.

Until 2010, 1984 must have been the worst year in British Post War History as the Thatcher Government declared war on it’s own people.

She must have hated the Northern Working Class so much to spend £½ Billion on Police costs alone, let alone all the planning that went into the Dispute, coal stockpiling and the like in order to coldly engineer a confrontation which Thatcher knew would cause deep division within the industry and within Society as a whole ripping communities and families apart.

And then there is the infamous description of the men as “The Enemy Within

Veterans of D Day.

Men who had been on the Burma Railway.

Lads who fought in the bloody Italian campaign.

The Korean War.

The Falklands.

Northern Ireland.

People who were St.John’s volunteers.

A guy who was a fill in Vicar when people went on holiday.

Lay ministers.

Scout Leaders

And men suffering illnesses brought on by the conditions underground.

The Enemy Within……. A chilling, hate filled phrase which sums her up.


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