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East Riding Cuts to Youth Music Funding Start to Bite

ERYCMusicThe Tories love the arts, but only for themselves and their uber rich mates. They hate it for the rest of us. “Libraries Gave Us Power” as the Manic Street Preachers correctly observed. That’s why they closed the Arts Council and slashed funding for culture as soon as they got in. Across the board butchery of local Government budgets has left the East Riding Council starved of cash. As the letter below explains, it’s our kids that suffer. So the unpunished crimes by our bankers cause our kids to miss out. Great system this Capitalism thing.

Dear xxxx,
Thank you for your letter of consultation about the possible change of orchestra rehearsal times. Our son Conor Rathbone is a member of the String Training Orchestra. He is always enthusiastic and enjoys attending the regular rehearsals.
Although we appreciate the difficulties created by reduced funding we, along with many other parents/ carers are completely opposed to the change of date of the Orchestra rehearsal to Monday evening from Saturday morning due to practical and logistical issues which are faced by us and the music teachers themselves. Conor and his travel partner from Kirk Ella to Beverley would no longer be able to go to rehearsals and would have to leave the orchestra.

In addition we are dismayed to note that the charges per term are to rise by 20% when the time allocated is to be cut by 25%. This at a time when family finances across the region are under strain. This rise unfairly impacts on low income families, the very children who are a risk from exclusion from across the board extra curricula activities.

As a family, we have made a commitment to Conor joining the orchestra. Conor loves being part of the orchestra and works hard to learn the pieces. When he was asked to join the orchestra last year, despite having limited finances, we felt that this opportunity should not be spurned due to family financial pressures.

We hope you can make some arrangements so that the session does not change, as this will effectively stop Conor from being in the orchestra. He will be so disappointed as it will significantly reduce his musical opportunity at a time when he is so enthusiastic and is likely to have a lifetime negative effect on his musical development.

As this is a proposal at this stage we hope that you will take our concerns on board and keep to the current arrangements. In addition we would call upon you, if you have not already done so, to lobby the Council to restore the appropriate funding for the musical and artistic development of our young people.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine and Dermot Rathbone.


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