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Phil Morley’s Superman Antics Take a Sinister Turn

MorleyThis story is bigger than the video as it once again puts Morley’s lack of ability to take the temperature of his organisation and workforce into question.

There is a large charge sheet building against Mr. Morley, and it’s self inflicted .

A good public sector CEO should be like a Premier League referee, if he’s having a good game, you don’t notice him.

He has been delivered a £100 million hospital pass by the Tories in London. He should be doing everything to put the pin back in the grenade regarding the staff’s fears, not seeking mindless publicity by Boris Johnson like buffoonery.

He showed a complete lack of understanding why staff and the public were cross regarding a 2012 Florida trip which cost £5,500 and included a sunset cruise as part of a “management conference”

Then in October 2012 Morley outraged patients and staff by threatening to issue itemised billing to get patients to “value and appreciate the service”, adding that patients should, “feel lucky as in the US you would have to pay for it”.

In August 2012 he told Campaigners that we should, “expect a Tescos basic package” of NHS care where you have to pay for “extras”.

In 2012 he spent £16K od charitable funds on an App which we were told by IT experts should have cost no more than £1K. When we searched for it a year later, we couldn’t find it.

He reneged on an agreement not to charge for staff parking. He then said, “these changes, particularly policy changes, will take place with or without union agreement”.

For £175K first class wage, we expect a first class CEO.

This month saw the disastrously misjudged Superman video.

When staff and the public complained he sent this email; “ Hopefully, as you can see, I can laugh at myself and I do not intend to take any further action on this occasion, despite the personal nature of a small number of these posts. Please be aware though that we know the names of everyone who has posted inappropriate comments, and any repeat of this behaviour will have to be dealt with more severely, in accordance with our policy.

The BBC’s Vicky Johnson described this as “sinister” and I have to agree as he can’t possibly trace people unless he has a deal with YouTube, the Sun newspaper and Google, or it’s on the Trust’s Intranet site. This is a statement meant to intimidate. If he can’t take criticism, don’t dress as Superman!

The staff feel gagged, we hear horror stories from the staff all the time during our street stalls and campaigning. They refuse to go on record as they are scared. Vicky Johnson from the BBC spent all morning trying to get staff to speak to her on the record about issues at the Trust, and the video. No one would as they professed that there is a perception of intimidation by management at the Trust.

I think that locally elected officials, whom we pay and trust to act in our best interests, call him and the Board to account on this list of critical concerns.


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