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MPs Energy Claims Shame the Labour Party.

imagesThe putrid cesspool that is the UK House of Commons was exposed for what it is by the Daily Telegraph in 2009 as the outrageous expenses scandal broke in May of that year. Ultimately careers were ruined and reputations trashed as one of the biggest own goals in political history was scored.

Jacqui Smith, Geoff (Buff) Hoon, Julie Kirkbride and Michael Martin were amongst the casualties, either slung out by their party leaders or the voters and the jailing of Eliot Morley saw the end of this scandal.


This weekend Labour Party members all over the nation will be out on the streets giving their time for nothing, no doubt in cold conditions but with great humour and dedication. They will be part of a “Freeze That Bill” campaign. The idea is to connect with the hared pressed voters that we get what they are going through, because we are going through it ourselves. Energy bills have risen by nearly £300 since the Tories took power aided and abetted by the Fib Dems.

But whilst Labour members and the voters are being squeezed until the pips squeak by greedy, grasping energy companies, Labour MP’s remain unaffected. Why? Because you and I, the tax payer get to have the privilege of paying our elected MP’s energy bills.


Not content with a basic salary of £66,396, second homes in London paid for by us and an expenses package which has now EXCEEDED that of the corrupt 2005 Parliament, MP’s get gas and electric for their second homes for free!

The three Hull Labour MPs claimed £3,075 a year between them. Tory MP David Davis claimed £129 and his fellow Nasty Party comrade Andrew Percy claimed £225. What does that tell us? CLP’s need to ask the right questions as a matter of urgency.

There is a lot more I could say about this, but I have already been disciplined by the Labour Party once this year for speaking my mind.

This is just about the final straw. Labour MP’s have insulted us enough (“fat, middle aged, finger wagging”), waited SIX MONTHS to decide they don’t like the Bedroom Tax and this feels just like they are slowly unravelling their middle finger and telling us, the members to swivel.

Whilst he was sharing our pain at the Labour Party Conference, and feigning to have grown a pair by standing up to the energy companies Ed Miliband was expecting us to pay his £500 bill. What a hypocrite.

Therefore I will be there with bells on for the People’s Assembly event in Victoria Square at 1230pm and hope that at last people will wake up and smell the coffee. The London Westminster elite are taking the mickey out of us, and I for one have had enough of their stinking, arrogant and out of touch ways.

We need to come together and fightback. The Labour Party isn’t the PLP, or indeed the majority of the Labour Councillors in this area. They talk tough but are prepared to allow the Tory Government in London to destroy our region.

But as long as they get their tax free allowance for being a councillor, topped up with patronage doled out for toeing the line such as places on committees and quangos, to hell with the people.

There are notable exceptions and all the better human beings they are for it. They have demonstrated real courage and have put the people before themselves. I am not surprised because they were elected because they want to serve, not because they can strut their stuff at functions, and of course line their pockets at the expense of the citizens of Hull and our region. That’s proper socialism for you.

“By their actions you shall know them”


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