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Apartheid Did Not Die: It Is Alive, Well, and Flourishing in Australia

In 1988 John Pilger wrote a book called; “A Secret Country” which outlined objectively and rationally the genocide taking place in a so called “developed” country, Australia.

January 2014 saw the release of a film to revisit this crime. It is called “Utopia” and proves that apartheid did not die with black majority rule in South Africa. It is alive, well and flourishing in Australia.

Go to ITV Player and watch this film if it’s the only thing you watch this week…..
Some back ground…

In July 2007 Australian Premier John Howard declared War on Black Australia. Germaine Greer had the courage, along with John Pilger to speak out. They, along with notables such as Thomas Keneally and others are in a minuscule minority.

Howard’s despicable racist actions were in addition to the following misery which is heaped on the First Australians by their White Brethren.

+In 2005 the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination described the Australian State as “Permissively racist”, the only country in the world to be described thus and the first to be named since Apartheid South Africa.

+On being elected the first thing John Howard did was to cut $400 million from the budget set aside for the first Australians.

Howard abolished the only independent, elected national Aboriginal institution funded by Canberra. This is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, which funds 36,000 places in an employment programme; it has programmes in healthcare, education, sport and culture. These have gone.

The government has dismantled the Aboriginal Legal Service, which means that thousands of Aboriginal offenders have been refused legal assistance which they were entitled to until 2004. Now it only applies to poor European Australians.

As of January 2014 Black Australian kids have the second WORST infant mortality rate IN THE WORLD.

2014 also revealed that Black Australians on average live more than 20 years less than the average white Australian.

In 2014 Black Australian children have the same life expectancy as white children did in 1900.

So called Aboriginals account for just 3% of the general population and yet over 60% of the people in jail come from this group.This figure outstrips Apartheid South Africa.

The Aussie Government’s crusade began with ban on alcohol and pornography within the homelands. White Bootlegger’s make a killing out of this with vodka that blinds, and whisky that kills before.

The excuse given is that of widespread, systematic and culturally accepted sexual abuse rings. but as John Pilger proved in his recent documentary “Utopia” this is a complete and utter LIE. The allegations were proved baseless and the Labour Government of Rudd and Gillard were forced to admit this.

Meanwhile there is to be no analysis of WHY black Australians have huge rates of alcohol and drug abuse, nor why 6% of these people die by their own hand, a massive SIX TIMES more than in the White Population.

There is to be no discussion as to WHY black Australians have poor health, no education, no aspiration and no hope.

There is to be no analysis as to WHY, granted, there are higher rates of sexual abuse within the Black Community.

No one will explain WHY the abused becomes the abuser.

The Government will not explain to it’s people WHY the Black Community lives like this in a “Developed” Society.

But this is in a country where the prime minister once described an opponent as “a bloody University Graduate”. He uses being educated beyond the Wiggles Level as an insult.

The War on the First Australians includes;

Compulsory medical checks for indigenous children. Remember Cleveland and the Orkney’s scandal over here anyone?

“Restrictions on welfare payments.” No explanation, but it looks good in a country where the term “Aborigine” is akin to the Bogeyman. Evil, naked, perverted, drunk, bludging and a THREAT TO YOUR KIDS!

An army of police, the Australian Defence Force and hordes of doctors and nurses, stormed the 70 or so autonomous Aboriginal settlements in the Northern Territory.

The Government can do this because the Northern Territory, is directly administered by Canberra which is in direct contravention of the Whitlam Government‘s attempt at a humane way out of all this in 1976 through The Aboriginal Land Act, which the Howard Administration effectively tore up in 2003 as a means to appear “tough” to the electorate. He won.

The Left will march, rightly for Palestine, Burma and other such injustices. Why not this one? A genocide takes place but we look the other way. Deliberatley.

There is a conspiracy of silence in the Australian and World media on this, and many other issues meaning that most whites Australians can go about their business without laying eyes on a black Australian, let alone having to think about righting a historic wrong.

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for Good People to do nothing”, said Voltaire.

John Pilger explains; “If the majority of white Australians were shown the real deprivations and poverty of their black countrymen, most would weep with shame and make the Government change its policies.”


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