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Space: The final frontier

Conor Rathbone

This is what I think mankind should do next for space exploration(this doesn’t include space stations,et cetera).


Personally I think that the reason everybody wants to go to Mars is because of the age-old thing with aliens coming from Mars to Earth to invade us and eat our brains or whatever.

Even though it is obvious that there aren’t alien fleets being scrambled and being sent to Earth people still want to find out if aliens are there (a single web search with the words ‘Mars aliens’ yielded 16,600,000 search results and another search with ‘UFO’ resulted in 45,700,000 results).However I think it’s about time to break the idea of going to Mars ‘in the next decade.This should be man’s next projects.

1.Capture an asteroid and bring it into Earth orbit.The main purpose of doing this would be to let us know A,what they are made of and…

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