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Hull City Council Leaders on the BBC. They Say Cutback, We Say Fightback!

PAAAAThe Leader and Deputy Leader of Hull City Council were on BBC Burnsy Show this morning. The Leader made a big play of blaming council workers for their predicament by going off sick. Not once did we hear any analysis of why this has happened. Instead we heard hang wringing and people being asked to call in with, “What would you cut?” Cue predictable vilification by a public un informed by Labour politicians and the media saying public sector workers have a easy life, should take a 10% pay cut and generally let’s all have a Tory inspired race to the bottom.

I emailed in comments (they said they were struggling for callers) and, guess what? They never used it.

“Dear David and guests,

“The question needs re framing re cuts.

“Instead of asking, “What should we cut?” we should be asking, “Why are we having cuts in the first place?”

“ Why is their no concerted campaign by the Labour Group and other Labour Councils to fight the cuts? In 1984 Liverpool City Council secured a £35 million rebate and spent it on award winning houses. £375 billion has been spent on quantitative easing which is tax credits for the rich as seen by the record high expected in the stock market this year.

“Who are people meant to vote for if they want to fight the cuts as the Labour Group seem to have accepted that it’s a fait accompli? The Deputy Leader talked about the ballot box being used to hold people to account. When all three main Parties accept these austerity cuts, who can they honestly vote for if they want jobs and services protected?

“Stop re arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, demonising sick workers and get with the Unions here and across the North to force the government to the table and negotiate for our people. How many people throw sickies? Give us the figures!”

Come and join the People’s Assembly Against Austerity at a Public Meeting this Wednesday 7.30 Endike Unity Centre, Hull, HU6 8AQ.

They say CUTBACK, we say FIGHTBACK!!!


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