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Immigration: Good or Bad?

Reflections on the thorny issue on immigration. Yes he is ten.

Conor Rathbone

At the moment, in the UK, there has been lots of talk about how there are ‘floods of immigrants coming here to steal our jobs or sponge off our benefits system’. However I think immigration is a good thing and I will lay out why in this post.


1. Immigrants have helped our country lots before. For example during WW2 many pilots up in the air helping to win the Battle of Britain were immigrants from Australia, Poland, Canada and many other countries in the British Empire. Many people in this country who are well accepted into society are descended from people who migrated here 50 or so years ago.

2. We are all immigrants! Many years ago (I’m talking millions) people living in Africa got itchy feet and decided to travel. They spread to Europe and Asia and the Americas and Australia. And some of those people probably stood…

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