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Gaza: The Left Finds Some Strange Allies

arableagueThe Palestine/ Israel issue is the epitome of why Capitalism doesn’t work. It’s a class issue and all about ownership of land and resources. The Left should campaign on this basis by encouraging the Trade Unions and Socialists in the region to unite and drive out the ruling classes in both states to create a non sectarian worker led Government which shares power and resources according to need.

There is a certain breed of Lefty in the West which seems to feed off hand wringing condemnation of Israel. But there are two sides to every story.

This is Hamas’ official policy on homosexuality as espoused by co founder of the movement Mahmoud Zahar, “ You in the West do not live like human beings. You do not even live like animals. You accept homosexuality.”

Then the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN  told the media “there would be no Jews in the West Bank or Gaza,” Ambassador Areikat went on to issue this chilling warning regarding Jews in a future State, “We have to be separated.  Any Jew who is inside the borders of Palestine will have to leave.”

According to Human Rights Watch, “In Gaza there is “Talibanisation” in progress…..a process whereby the Hamas government has imposed strict rules on women, discouraged activities commonly associated with Western or Christian culture, oppressed non-Muslim minorities, imposed Sharia law, and deployed religious police to enforce these laws”.

The truth is the Saudis and the other Gulf States could use their petro chemical trillions to alleviate the suffering of their brethren and co religionists in Palestine. But then what would happen to the cheap, exploited virtually slave labour that these states rely on to perform menial tasks and fodder for their grotesque buildings and World Cup venues?

Poverty breeds violence which begets disproportionate retaliation, and the cycle goes on….





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