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David Davis MP Christmas Email: Satire Is Alive in Haltemprice and Howden.

david-davis-008Climate change denier, pro fracking and anti NHS MP David Davis sent an email to his constituents for Christmas. The sheer gall of the man is somehow admirable. The complete and utter denial that there is anything remotely wrong in our nation is stunning and a major effort in self delusion. Here’s a flavour of the contents with some pertinent facts added in.

“We should also try our best to extend that support and compassion to our neighbours and those in need during the festive season.” (That would why he voted for the disgusting and malevolent legislation put before the House by his colleague Iain Duncan Smith. The Bedroom Tax being the thin end of a very large wedge.  77 per cent of people on Disability Living Allowance live in the social housing sector and two thirds of the people hit by the bedroom tax are disabled. David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, says: “The bedroom tax is an ill-conceived policy which is hurting the most vulnerable people in our society. It causes financial hardship for hundreds of thousands of families”)

“The past year has seen great successes, both on the local and on the national stage. The economy continues to grow strongly.” (1 million people were driven to using food banks this year. 8 million people are un/ underemployed. According to the TUC the types of jobs that people are forced to take are low paid and defined as, “self employed” as they work for exploitative agencies. In effect 44% of new jobs are casual and offer no security.)

“The Autumn Statement also secured good news for our railways.” (Satire truly is alive and well. In October the Daily Telegraph described Northern Rail fares as, “a rip off” and revealed how, “Passengers are routinely denied the cheapest fares”. Then in May the company was accused by the Rail and Maritime Union (RMT) of, “a cavalier and dangerous disregard for the safety of both staff and the public”)

Staying on the subject of the railways, progress is being made on electrifying train lines across the area. (The East Coast mainline was electrified in 1970. We are still waiting…)

“Wind turbines continue to blight the beautiful Yorkshire countryside”. (This is why fracking is such a great alternative. New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said about his State halting fracking, “The potential risks are too great, in fact not even fully known, and relying on the limited data presently available would be negligent on my part”.)

“BAE in Brough also began working on the Royal Air Force of Oman’s order for Hawk jets. This came as part of a £2.5 billion deal for new Hawks and Typhoons.” (Oman’s Human Rights record is truly abysmal. This from Amnesty International, “Oman’s legal code theoretically protects civil liberties and personal freedoms, both are regularly ignored by the regime. Oman, therefore, cannot be considered free.”  LGBT people are imprisoned for three years if they are “caught” living their natural life.  Are we proud to be supplying dangerous and expensive weapons to such a vile regime? Or would Mr. Davis take former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark’s view when he told John Pilger regarding arms sales to dodgy regimes, “I don’t really fill my mind much with what one set of foreigners is doing to another.”?

Mr. Davis, whilst chasing up bungled bureaucracy in the NHS which was delaying vital treatment for a constituent told the guy, “Now you can see why I want to privatise the NHS”.   I know this to be true because the guy was me.

Maybe the fact that Mr. Davis took a fee of £4,250 from private health provider Aviva for a speaking engagement* may have something to do with his UKIP like thirst to break up the NHS?



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