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Election 2015: An Affront to Democracy


Today witnessed the coming together of the new House of Commons which was elected on May 7th.

What a farce. What a charade. How can we even begin to pretend this is democracy when the Party that has absolute control of Government in the UK as a whole only garnered 24% of votes from those eligible to cast a ballot?

UKIP’s sense of festering injustice is only exacerbated by the fact that 3.8 million votes cast for the far right party delivered only Douglas Carswell to the Chamber.

That’s a good thing I hear you say. No it isn’t. And this is why. If 82 UKIP MPs had been elected to the Commons then Farage’s motley crew (sorry Cllr. Inglis, I know that’s what you call us, I’ve seen the emails) would have been exposed as the anti working class “swivel eyed loonies and closet racists” (Cameron’s analysis) and gone the way of the National Front and the BNP. Once the scrutiny comes the Far Right always unravels. This way UKIP can sulk and point to the injustice of the system instead of being exposed for what they are.

Based on the dishing out seats as a percentage of the votes cast the result would have looked like this.

Conservatives 239 seats. Labour 197, UKIP 82, Lib Dems 25 and the Greens 25. In Scotland the SNP would have returned 30 seats. Ireland only sends local Parties to Westminster, in Wales Plaid should have returned 4 MP’s.

That’s one heck of a difference. Even with UKIP support the Tories would have been locked out of power by quite a margin.

This is proof if you ever needed it that the Commons is totally unrepresentative of the will of the public. We are back to pre 1832 Reform Act days in terms of any moral mandate.

If politics is ever to have any credibility with the public who are expected to be passively governed by a system which is set up to maintain the power of the monied elites, then the voting system must be changed. But we all know that will never happen. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

The Tories have no mandate for what they are about to unleash. Extra Parliamentary is the only option left to a disenfranchised and cynical country. We must organise and take to the streets to put a stop to what is unfolding right before our eyes.


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