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Ankara Bomb is a Direct Attack on Trade Unionist and Socialist Peace Activists

Two simultaneous bomb attacks have resulted in the killing of over 90 and wounding some 300 trade unionists and socialists at a peace rally in Turkey’s capital, Ankara.


The rally was organised to call for an end to the ongoing fighting between the Turkish state’s army and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Thousands of socialists and trade unionists had attended the rally, the organisers of which had called on the PKK to pursue a ceasefire a few days ago, local reports said.

Responding to the call of the Turkish trade unionists, the PKK announced a unilateral ceasefire until after the elections in November.

The bomb attacks came at the same time the PKK announced its unilateral ceasefire that the rally celebrated, and this has led Turkish skeptics blame the intelligence agency of the Turkish “deep state” tied to ruling Islamist party AKP of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The pro-Kurdish democratic-socialist People’s Democratic Party (HDP) that won 84 parliamentary seats in June election, has announced that the attacks had targeted its officials who attended the party, especially when hundreds of its officials, mayors and deputies have been rounded up and taken to pre-trial detentions by the army across the country.

Other left-wing parties point the finger of blame also at Erdogan, saying that the bomb attacks resembles the recent Suruc bomb attack that ended the PKK-Turkey peace process a few months ago, arguing that Erdogan’s AKP is using the deep state intelligence to stir trouble in the country so AKP gains nationalist votes in the upcoming election.

Either way this is a tragedy for all those opposed to violence no matter what guise it takes. Only by presenting a united workers front can we hope to see an end to the waves of relentless war that have blighted this region and other parts of the world.

With thanks to Joe Gibbins.


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