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Massacre at Cizre: Erdogan’s War Crime Against the Kurds

On 11th February the Turkish Government calmly reported that, “counterterror operations in Şırnak’s Cizre district have ended….. security forces will continue to monitor some areas for criminal activity. There could still be booby traps and landmines in the district but that the state has taken control, successfully completing operations.”  

This was reported word for word in our own auspicious organ of truth, the Daily Mail the next day.


The Interior Ministry went on to explain that the threat posed by 718 terrorists had been eliminated. These included planting IED’s which targeted ambulances.

The incident passed off with little or no comment in the UK media, except to point out that the Kurdistan Workers Party, known as the PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the European Union. What does that make the Turkish Government?

What the media fail to mention is that the PKK’s military wing (who elect their officers to lead in the field) are the only forces really taking the fight to ISIS in Northern Iraq and other fronts. Instead the Erdogan regime which has been responsible for a de facto entente cordiale with ISIS including buying oil from this death cult, is lauded in the West as a valued member of NATO and a prospective member of the EU. On 3rd November last year, and on 27th February 2016 the regime launched crackdowns on journalists who pointed out even mild criticisms of the President, throwing dozens behind bars.

But last Thursday the revolting truth about just what had happened in Cizre was made public by RT reporter William Whiteman. Before watching the link be warned the content is brutal. How could this happen in our era?  The truth is that Turkey is simply producing learned behaviour as it observed how Israel, the UK, the Assad regime, ISIS and the Americans carry on.


In one operation Turkish troops locked 150 civilians of all ages into a basement and torched the place. No one survived. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Erdogan has destroyed our world. He has burned us,” said a female witness, while showing blood stains on the debris of the deadly building.

Across the region military operations have been launched against the Kurdish people as Turkey uses all the distractions available to conduct a semi secret war rather in the way that Putin used the Iraq War to turn his fire on Chechnya.

The Erdogan Government forces started out by using heavy ground artillery but rumours of air strikes were grimly confirmed yesterday when he publicly unleashed his war jets on Kurdish targets in areas where the PKK is face to face with ISIS fighters. This was despite the Turkish Authorities not being able to conclusively say that a Kurdish group was responsible. The response was completely disproportionate. Imagine if the RAF had conducted sorties against Dublin following PIRA attacks?

The Left must not ever be afraid to condemn terrorism, including this week’s car bombing.  How does working people killing each other in such a manner forward anyone’s cause save for that of the ruling class?

However the Erdogan Government is a grotesque parody of democracy, but it suits NATO and the West for him to stay in power as their proxy. Even if does business with ISIS and directs war crimes on par, or exceeding those perpetrated in 1990’s Yugoslavia.


As the fallout from the Syrian Civil War spreads and Turkey goes of the offensive against the Kurds, what can the Left do practically and morally to help?

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