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Hillary’s Failure to Learn From BREXIT Cost Her the Election.

If Donald Trump is electable so is Jeremy Corbyn….. Think about it!

Much has been written about the most toxic and febrile election in US history, but I’m going to add my two pennyworth from the sidelines as I am now destined to be an observer rather than a participant on the political scene.


The ultimate irony in the presidential race is that Trump is set to enter the White House despite having been bested, albeit by a miniscule margin, by Hillary in the popular vote. The very system that the Donald derided as being rigged actually worked in his favour. Only on four previous occasions, the last one being in the notorious 2000 Hanging Chads race has the winner polled less votes but was saved by the Electoral College system.

In June BREXIT happened partly because of the abject failure of the Remain side to tell the story of why the best path for the UK lay inside the EU. Instead we had Project Fear rammed down our throats by the out of touch and arrogant political class. The final straw for many was Osborne’s threat of a punishment budget if we defied him by voting out.

There was no narrative painting the successes of the EU (I’m sure they could have found some had they looked hard enough) and it’s positive impact on everyday life in Britain. The Remainers opted for the story, unprovable, of the disasters that would befall us following an exit vote. The irony is that Remain held all the cards, especially given Boris and Gove’s penchant for lying. Just think of the bus and the £350 million  extra a week for the NHS. Balderdash and piffle.

Instead Cameron, Clegg and others (no one had a scooby what Labour’s position was) adopted a race to the bottom approach which had worked so well for the Tories in 2015 and in Scotland the previous year.The voters were sick and tired of this lame and weedy style of campaigning which largely consisted of a tedious drip drip of pointing out just how terrible the opposition was, not hard when faced by the might and gravitas of Ed Miliband, with no spark of excitement to speak of.

This lack of vim cost Remain heavily as they could not inspire young people to get out and vote due the asinine, half baked campaign. Cast your eye Stateside and the parallels are obvious. Hillary was a terrible candidate. There are those who say she had a hard time from the press. There is a truth to this but virtually all the pummelling she took was down to self inflicted wounds and a haughty attitude to the voters.

Even now, 12 hours later it seems inconceivable that Hillary contrived to snatch defeat from  the jaws of victory. Like Remain she was faced by a lier although Trump is over the hills and far away compared to Boris and Gove in every aspect. A self confessed assaulter of women who refused to hand in his tax returns who called Latino immigrants rapists and murderers and who is prone to random outbursts including mocking a disabled reporter should have lost by the 40 points that Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole in 1996.

Hillary was succeeding one of the most popular Presidents of our era. The man who finally delivered virtually universal healthcare which even FDR failed to do. The President who restored America’s reputation as a force for good abroad and solved the Cuba issue. This was despite being held to ransom by a hostile Congress for all but two of his eight years in Office. What a story to tell. Hillary should have borrowed Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 slogan Let Us Continue and then explain her positive ideas for the Nation. Instead she didn’t just stoop, she leapt into the gutter to join Trump.

The real story is the complete rejection of the Washington system by the voters. The usual Liberal elite garbage about stupid white men has been rolled out. But 59 million people voted for Trump. If Bernie had been the Democratic candidate then the outcome could have been so very different. What now for the Democratic Party, what now for America and what now for establishment Parties across the free voting world?



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