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“Undermined” A One Man Play by Danny Mellor @Hull Truck

Bleak, dour, hopeless. All words that correctly identify the putrid atmosphere in the coalfields engendered by Thatcher and her Tory henchmen as they executed their plan to smash the Trade Unions. All aided and abetted by Labour Leader Neil Kinnock and the vested interests at the top of the Labour Movement who did not want the status quo rocked.  Mellor’s  … Continue reading

“Bobby” (2006) Written and Directed by Emilio Estevez

Disparate characters working and visiting the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles are connected by witnessing the horrific murder of Senator Robert Kennedy on that fateful day in June 1968.  This is an absolute gem of a film which weaves multiple stories to address the pertinent issues facing the US during the 1968 election campaign. From … Continue reading

“Bron/ Broen” (“The Bridge”) 2011- Present

The British affair with the Scandi drama genre continues apace with the return of “The Bridge” for it’s third series. The Nordic influence has by osmosis influenced drama commissioning in the UK with Sky’s “Fortitude” starring Richard Dormer (the brother of my good friend from Uni days and Stuarts Gardens Snooker Champion Paul) and BBC1’s … Continue reading

“This Is England 90” (2015) by Shane Meadows.

Starting with the 2007 seminal British film of the ‘noughties, the This Is England franchise is here for it’s final outing. The third TV series sees the gang dealing with the fallout from abuse, Thatcher’s monumental onslaught on working class life, the rave scene and ultimately their relationships with each other and the outside world. … Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season Five: “This Century has the Potential to be the Worst, or the Best in Human History”

Dystopian television seems to be the order of the day. As the full effects of the Banking Disaster continue to unfold across the Globe we face a very uncertain future and this insecurity is reflected in popular culture. “The Walking Dead” (Fox then repeated by Channel Five) began in 2010 as a basic Zombie Apocalypse … Continue reading

“The Newsroom” by Aaron Sorkin. Part of a Great Era of Television Drama

Aaron Sorkin’s, “The Newsroom” is one of the top drama shows around at the moment. There’s this myth of a 70’s, “Golden Age” of television but the quality on offer to the discerning viewer in our era trumps that rose tinted vision of the past. In the recent past we have had, “The Smoke” set … Continue reading

“The Wind That Shakes the Barley” (2006) Dir Ken Loach DVD

“Ken Loach“, the repulsive overfed bigoted bullshitting git Simon Heffer says in the Torygraph; “hates this country, yet leeches off it, using public funds to make his repulsive films. And no, I haven’t seen it, any more than I need to read Mein Kampf to know what a louse Hitler was.” The Sun says it’s … Continue reading

“God on Trial” (2008) by Frank Cottrell Boyce

This is a brilliant play and an example of the power of telly to debate, challenge and question basic existential issues with a ferocity and an almost frightening intensity. It proves as lazy those who deride the haunted fish tank as epitomizing how culture is being dumbed down via Big Brother/ X Factor culture. No … Continue reading

“Underbelly” (2009) CBS Action and YouTube

Underbelly is a total gem of a TV drama series, currently being re run on CBS drama, but you can also see it on YouTube. The producers have resisted the temptation to veer down the analytical, existential, character motivation type approach and just tell us what happened with next to no back-story. An absolute winning … Continue reading

“The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas.” (2009) Dir Mark Herman BBC iPlayer

A story of innocence lost played out to the backdrop of the Holocaust. An eight year old boy’s father played brilliantly by David Thewlis, is appointed Commandant of an Extermination Camp. His cringingly ambitious wife is delighted by her husband’s promotion despite her Mother in Law (Shelia Hancock) pointing out the un spoken realisation of … Continue reading

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