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Hull City 2-1 Leicester City. Papering Over the Cracks.

 Saturday 19th August 1989 was the last time City faced Leicester on the opening day of the season. Played at the decrepit Boothferry Park the score was 1-1 and the attendance 8,158 did not include me or my Dad was it was my wedding day! As the reception was in the late afternoon we were treated to a … Continue reading

Hull City Disabled Ticket Fiasco: What I Told The Press

My Dad took me to my first Hull City match in 1975, and like any small boy I was hooked. Dad and me continued the Saturday ritual until he passed away in 2010 having witnessed the dream come true with the Tigers 2008 promotion to the top flight of English football for the first time … Continue reading

Allams Punish the Disabled With a £300 Season Ticket Hike

As multi millionaires the Allams, owners of Hull City, personally benefited from the largesse of George Osborne who would rather stick the boot into the vulnerable and give tax cuts to the filthy rich, than help the millions of people thrown onto the scrapheap, or protect essential frontline public services for the vulnerable. This is … Continue reading

Hull City in Crisis. Same Old Story

Today’s finish to the Premier League season reminded me why I still am in love with football despite it being the worst possible pastime for a Socialist due to the terrible decadence of the money involved and the fact that the paying punter, the fans, have absolutely no say in what happens, and are treated … Continue reading

Hull City 0-1 Sunderland. Down and Out

Plenty of time for recriminations. Jimmy Bullard missed a penalty and then laughed. He was subbed at half time, still grinning. A fine summation of where it all went wrong. Bastard.

Hull City 0-2 Aston Villa. Pearson Savages Duffen

Confirmation that we have been well and truly found out at Premier League level came as City only worked two chances on the Villa goal. The visitors strolled away with the points and, whilst the effort of the players was not in question the lack of quality on show was patently obvious for all to … Continue reading

Hull City 1-4 Burnley. Bye Bye Premier League

Iain Dowie, Phil Brown. Same old, same old. Neither knows their best eleven. Both have zero man management skills. Tinkering is the order of the day. Players playing different positions every game. Result? A tactical mess and players who are de motivated and aren’t playing for the shirt.   The least I expected today was … Continue reading

A Great Contribution From a Gooner on the HDM Comments Page

Best atmosphere for ANY game I have seen this year.Also we arrived in Hull early-great banter on Prices Avenue-truly how soccer should be. We hope you do stay up -matches against Hull in the past 2 years have become like local derbies-incidents everywhere.   Compared to 3 years ago I would have laughed if you … Continue reading

Hull City 1-2 Arsenal. Unprintable

I was utterly distraught when Bentner scored and undeserved winner for Arsenal in injury time, my reaction was not necessarily the appropriate one for a 41 year old with his seven-year-old son in tow. But that’s life.   I can’t remember being so disappointed by sport. Normally I’m pretty sanguine. Well, given my teams are … Continue reading

Hull City 2-1 Manchester City. Reasons to be Cheerful

A perfect end to a brilliant week saw the Tigers take all three points against Manchester City, and for once the pundits were not talking about “plucky” Hull City and the clichés about punching above our weight were absent.   Instead the acknowledgement was that City had outplayed the visitors to build on the performance … Continue reading

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