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Hull Royal Infirmary. The View From the Patient Front Line

I am disappointed that the NHS doesn’t offer, “Frequent Flier” points or at least a loyalty card system a la Tesco and the like. That way we would be packing our suitcases for Christmas in the Bahamas, or at the very least get some pennies of a few litres of diesel given my recent trips to Hull Royal … Continue reading

Letter to Hull Daily Mail: World Class Care Free to All

Dear Editor At a time when our local NHS Trust is under the microscope following a disappointing report from the Care Quality Commission and faces a toxic mix of cuts and accelerating privatisation I would like to pay tribute to the staff in the brand new a Emergency Department as well as the staff on … Continue reading

Rugby League World Cup 2013. Disabled Face Ticket Discrimination

Dear Mr. Wood, I am writing to you regarding an issue for disabled people wanting to attend the Rugby League World Cup. Due to health problems I am unable to plan things long term, but I felt I would be able to attend the game at the KC Stadium in Hull between England and Fiji … Continue reading

Hull Royal Infirmary AAU: Still Not Fit For Purpose Says Care Quality Commission

Irony of ironies. We complained to Andy Burnham about the desperate state of the Acute Assessment Unit at Hull Royal Infirmary last Thursday. The this appeared on the BBC website on Monday. It could not be more damning. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-21745334 Then to cap it all…… Yesterday had to go to my GP as I have been … Continue reading

One Man And His Wheelchair: Why NHS Outsourcing Doesn’t Work

The provision and maintenance of mobility aids such as wheelchairs and crutches has been “outsourced” by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust as a means of encouraging competition and efficiency, and ultimately to save money.  This is what can happen…..  Previous to this year, if you had a problem with your wheelchair you could ring … Continue reading

Why I Love the NHS

We can argue all we like about how it was paid for, but the New Royal London is an absolutely World Class hospital and epitomises what Labour values of fairness and equality of opportunity in terms of access to services, does for the UK.  True, the hospital is locked in to the most appallingly negotiated … Continue reading

Hull Royal Infirmary Acute Assessment Unit Is Not Fit For Purpose

I am too tired and too ill to go into enormous detail about how and why the Acute Assessment Unit, and Hull Royal Infirmary in general is a dysfunctional and dangerous environment for the citizens of Hull and the East Riding. The fact that my Dad entered HRI with constipation and left in the care … Continue reading

I Have anti GAD Associated Cerebella Ataxia.

I have anti GAD associated cerebella ataxia. It has wrecked my life. I have to travel to the Royal London Hospital every six weeks to spend five days having all my blood churned through a plasma exchange machine (if available, it was delayed by five weeks this time as if things aren’t hard enough without … Continue reading

This is My NHS Truth, Tell Others.

Dear Andy,   I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to ask your advice on how to resolve a problem at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The situation has become desperate and time sensitive so any help that you can give would be much appreciated. I have thought long and hard about … Continue reading

London: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

The Good. Plenty, topped by Prof. Gavin Giovannoni. This exceptional human being has been looking after me for the last five years. He has never given up on me, and when a problem arises he looks for a solution. The latest one being plasma exchange which has cleaned my pesky anti bodies up for a … Continue reading

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