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The Stone Roses Live at the City of Manchester Stadium 19/06/16

Swirlings winds and bursts of heavy rain somehow made this even more of a magical night as the elements seem to spur the band and the audience to raise the atmosphere to heights I have rarely experienced at a stadium gig. Think U2 at Red Rocks way back in 1983 where stormy conditions in Denver conspired to create … Continue reading

Celebrating 30 Years of ”Power Windows”, (1985) by Rush.

”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’‘, be it a landscape, a person, flora/ fauna or indeed art including music. I’m not that much bothered by the ”motivation” of writers and artists including musicians. It’s the finished product that counts for me. Just as sound doesn’t exist until it enters the human ear (a … Continue reading

Blur’s “Magic Whip” is the Second Coming of a Great Band

Blur stands as a colossus across UK music and is the best band this sceptred Isle has produced since the Beatles. “13”, released in 1999 is Blur’s perfect record and stands alongside the Stones Roses, “Made in Stone” (1989) as the greatest record put out by a British band since Pink Floyd’s, “Dark Side of … Continue reading

Joy Division, “She’s Lost Control” (1978)

Ian Curtis was the lead singer with Joy Division. His tragic story is told in Anton Corbijn’s bio pic masterpiece “Control” (2008). What is perhaps less well known is that Ian worked as a Civil Servant in what is now the Department of Work and Pensions. One of his clients suffered from epilepsy and died … Continue reading

“Mind Bomb” (1989) by The The. Why We Need Socialism Right Here, Right Now

The sobriquet “Genius” is oft bandied about, and is de valued for it but when referring to this collision of the ideas and lyrics of Matt Johnson, and the musicianship of Johnny Marr that occurred in the Autumn of 1988, it seems genuinely appropriate, and flows naturally into the thoughts of the listener of this … Continue reading

“Made of Stone” (2013) Dir Shane Meadows.

Somewhere in France, summer 1998. “Look at that poseur, who does he think he is? Liam Gallagher?” We were on a coach with a bunch of kids as part of a French Exchange trip I had the pleasure of being involved with for seven years. It was a 20 hour trip so and there was … Continue reading

“New Gold Dream” (1982) by Simple Minds

This is Simple Minds’ masterpiece. The whole album is a work of genius. You just get infected by the songs and the mood of the album in general as the bass lines gets inside your head. Quiet and introspective stuff lyrically, set against the most sumptuous sonic landscape you could wish for. Then in came … Continue reading

Lou Reed RIP. The Greatest Rock Musician Ever

When you analyse the development of rock over the last forty years or so, all roads lead inexorably back to one man. Lou Reed who died last week. How so? Without the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed there would be no New York punk deriving from the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie and Television. Therefore no … Continue reading

Muse Top the Nougties List Of LP’s

1.          Muse: Black Holes+Revelations(2006).   2.          Amy Winehouse: Back To Black (2006). 3.          White Stripes: Elephant (2003). 4.          Bob Dylan: Modern Times (2006) 5.          Killers: Hot Fuss (2004) 6.          Johnny Cash: The Man Comes Around (2002) 7.          Stereophonics: Sex, Language, Violence, Other (2005) 8.          Dirty Pretty Things: Waterloo to Anywhere (2005). 9.          Kaiser Chiefs: Employment (2005) 10.   Lily Allen: It’s Not Me, It’s You(2009) 11.   Editors: Back … Continue reading

“Depeche Mode 101” (1988) dir D.A. Pennebaker BBC iPlayer

Last night saw BBC4 broadcast the Depeche Mode road movie “101”, reminding everyone that they are an unacknowledged colossus of UK music history, and caused me to reflect on the strange phenomenon that is DM.  Saturday 20th February 2010 saw Depeche Mode prove to a sold out O2 Arena why they must be the most under … Continue reading

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