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What Now For a UK Prison System In Crisis?

In November 2016 Her Majesty’s Prison Birmingham experienced the worst disorder in our Jail System since the infamous HMP Strangeways uprising took place during April 1990. Birmingham was formerly the notorious hard time jail Winston Green. But a name change and the sub contracting of services to G4S seems to have made matters worse rather … Continue reading

George Michael, “Praying for Time” (1990) A Song for Our Era

I have no interest in George’s media profile, nor do I have the slightest credence for the things that so called “journalists” wrote in the wake of his untimely death in early 2017. What I remember is a guy who wrote songs defending his working class contemporaries, “Wham Rap”, and faced tabloid fury when his band … Continue reading

UNITE General Secretary Election: Some Issues for Gerard Coyne to Address

Challenger to McCluskey doesn’t know who the Business Secretary is. Gerard Coyne employs Nick Buckley, ex tabloid hack. Where are the concrete proposals for changing the Union? One major qualification to lead a Union as big as ours must be basic day to day competency so the the Union is driving the story, rather than … Continue reading

Trump Is Part of the Narrative, Not THE Story

Whilst the Left must avoid an obsessive distraction with the extremist President, it should at the same time use his visit as rallying point to explain the context of why this phenomenon exists an place it with our local and national problems arising from the crisis of capitalism. For the Facebook warriors and demo junkies the … Continue reading

Len McCluskey For UNITE General Secretary.

By Dermot Rathbone, co Founder Save Our NHS Hull, Political and Equalities Officer UNITE Community Hull. I am writing in a personal capacity which may not reflect the views of the Branch or the Union as a whole. There are many good and varied reasons for ensuring that Len serves another term as our GS, … Continue reading

Just What is Going on in Our Prisons?

Yesterday saw mass walkouts across Her Majesty’s prison estate. Up to 10,000 members of the Prison Officers Association were forced to defy convention and take industrial action. Cuts officer numbers is causing Health and Safety standards to plummet leaving POA members and support staff vulnerable to attacks. The surprise for those who take an interest … Continue reading

“The First Word”: The NHS Crisis to #CALEXIT What’s Making the News?

The Crisis in Our NHS BREXIT and the US elections have trumped most other political issues in the UK. Meanwhile the NHS has undergone a crippling set of strikes by hospital doctors and the funding crisis in Local Government has decimated support services especially for the elderly and disabled who do not have direct family … Continue reading

Michael Moore and Naomi Wolf On Trump Victory

There is a narrative being spread that Trump’s victory in the US election is “BREXIT x 10”. Whilst there may be some parallels it presupposes that the Leave vote split neatly along ideological lines; that an out vote was to stop immigration and an act of xenophobia. In many case it was anything but. Many Socialist … Continue reading

Hillary’s Failure to Learn From BREXIT Cost Her the Election.

If Donald Trump is electable so is Jeremy Corbyn….. Think about it! Much has been written about the most toxic and febrile election in US history, but I’m going to add my two pennyworth from the sidelines as I am now destined to be an observer rather than a participant on the political scene. The … Continue reading

BREXIT High Court Ruling: There Must Be Democratic Scrutiny

Today’s ruling by the High Court that the UK Parliament must be consulted before Article 50, which is the process via which we leave the European Union, is triggered has seen the tiresome responses from both camps. The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee says, “Only Parliament can save us from the havoc of Brexit”, whilst UKIP’s Eternal … Continue reading

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