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The Heathrow Debacle: Caused by a Vacuum in Transport Policy.

When Transport Secretary Chris Grayling rose to his feet in the Commons not one single MP didn’t know that he was about to confirm that Heathrow expansion was the preferred option of HM Government to alleviate the current shortage of capacity, and to provide a much needed boost for trade in and out of the … Continue reading

The Jury System Proves the People Can Be Trusted With Real Power

One of the earliest and longest running daytime TV shows clocking up 879 episodes between 1972 and 1984 was Crown Court. Set in the fictional city of Fulchester, later to be the home of the Viz comic universe, the 23 minute episodes broadcast by ITV in the early afternoon slot showed fictional cases played out … Continue reading

I Have Chronic Urgent Health Issues. I Support the Hospital Doctor’s Strikes.

Last time I wrote about my health issues Danny and I were accused of using our illnesses for political gain (Danny was having treatment for testicular cancer) by none other than the esteemed Member of Parliament for Brigg and Goole. But here goes anyway. I currently facing the worst health crisis since er… the last … Continue reading

What Now for the Left? “Unity is Strength”.

A week, as the old cliche goes, is a long time in politics.  After a ten month enforced absence from the local political scene I dipped my toes back in by attending a few meetings and listening to what different people (some new to me) were saying about what has been going on. The last … Continue reading

Whilst the Left Forms a Circular Firing Squad the Country is Left to Suffer in Silence

The demise of the Labour Party in it’s current form is becoming a slow, painful and long drawn out process. Whilst the Left trains it’s fire on each other, a rich seam of new, fresh and (crucially) young activists are being turned off politics, perhaps for good. If their first experience of organised politics is to witness … Continue reading

Is it Right to Judge a Person by the Company They Keep?

Rather like watching Corrie through years of habit even though you think it’s vacuous and you ought to be doing something more worthy (guilty) so I found myself watching Eamonn Holmes interviewing Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith on Sky News this morning, and then reflecting on the state of play within the Party. Entertaining but ultimately futile and irrelevant. Old … Continue reading

Are We Entering the Era of Post Party Politics?

The terminal decline of the Labour Party continues to be a long drawn out, painful and damaging affair and the idea of the UK public ever trusting the Party with national government again is risible. There is no way of coming back from this. Labour had a history of adapting within the context of capitalism … Continue reading

I am a Socialist.I Voted Leave. Here’s Why.

Let’s cut to the chase. I voted Leave. I would not change that vote. My Government asked us a question with two possible answers and I made my choice along with over 17 million others. The fact is that I chose to view the question from a socialist perspective and not through the prism of capitalism. This … Continue reading

UNITE the Union Says, “Solidarity Not Hatred. Equality Not Discrimination!”

Unite the Union Hull Community Branch letter to the Hull Daily Mail in response to a rise in reporting of xenophobic incidents in the wake of the referendum result. Job 7496-4 Equality A4 poster Dear Editor, Britain’s largest union, Unite has called for cross-party political action to condemn those who have abused migrant communities and … Continue reading

The Somme 100 Years On. Time to Build a United Socialist Europe.

My grandfather served at the Somme and this is his story as researched by the Rathbone Archive which was set up in memory of Independent MP and feminist Eleanor Rathbone who was my great aunt.  “Ernest Vigars Rathbone (known as Bill) was born on 4th June 1892 at 6 Adderley Street Liverpool and baptised on … Continue reading

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