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Is the Labour Left Scared of Real Power? #LEXIT

Cameron must be absolutely kicking himself. A promise that he never thought in his wildest dream he would ever have to fulfill has come back to haunt him. And how. Just over a year after his unexpected electoral triumph (on only 24% of the possible popular vote, that’s democracy for you) the prime minister faces the … Continue reading

Mike Ashley and Sports Direct: The Future Face of “Workplace UK”?

Finally shamed into appearing before the Business, Innovation and Skills (shome mishtake shurely? What would most MP’s know about any of these things?) Committee, Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley was forced to accept the charges laid at his feet by Unite the Union regarding working practices were true. The campaign led by UNITE and picked up by the … Continue reading

The Desperation of the Establishment For a “Remain” Vote is Telling

The EU Referendum debate was initially a God send for the Establishment as it creates a convenient distraction from the calamities being inflicted on working people by this Government. The Europe issue provides a rallying cry through which Capital can create a consensus of so called moderate voices in the Tory Party and the Labour … Continue reading

Public Meeting Forms, “Friends of Kurdistan Hull Trade Union and Socialist Solidarity Group”.

A cross community Public Meeting last week agreed to form a Solidarity Group to bring together local residents whose aim is to support the people of Kurdistan in their struggles with ISIS, the Erdogan Regime and the threats posed by Assad and other proxies for the Capitalists in the region. A Steering Committee will meet at … Continue reading

Massacre at Cizre: Erdogan’s War Crime Against the Kurds

On 11th February the Turkish Government calmly reported that, “counterterror operations in Şırnak’s Cizre district have ended….. security forces will continue to monitor some areas for criminal activity. There could still be booby traps and landmines in the district but that the state has taken control, successfully completing operations.”   This was reported word for word in … Continue reading

The Housing Bill Will Only Exacerbate the Homes Crisis

On  Thursday 7th May 2015 the UK went to the polls and the Tories, against all predictions were returned with a working majority. The very next day the Department of Communities and Local Government  led by Eric Pickles in the coalition government, published figures which revealed that a scandalous 635,000 homes in England were lying … Continue reading

Trump, Sanders, Corbyn and the Irish Election: An Historic Opportunity for the Left?

This time last year if you had suggested that Donald Trump (or Drumpf as John Oliver would have us believe) would be the GOP presumptive nominee, that a self style “Socialist” in Bernie Sanders would have seen off all but Hilary Clinton in the Democratic race or that Jeremy Corbyn would be Leader of the Labour Party, … Continue reading

The Left Must Not Be Distracted by the Irrelevant EU Referendum.

The EU referendum is to the British people what the GOP Primaries are to the people of America. Lots of noise, posturing and bile…. and we get screwed either way. “Taking Out the Trash” is an episode of the US hit political drama, “The West Wing”. In it the fictional White House Press Secretary C.J. … Continue reading

The Hospital Doctors Fight is Our Fight

This week saw Hospital Doctors (who are far from “Junior” having done intensive training at great cost both financial and personal) forced into taking industrial action. The Tory Government wants to open up the NHS to aggressive privatisation and breaking the Unions is a key component in this strategy as cowed and compliant workers don’t … Continue reading

Gove’s Free School Fetish Backfires in Spectacular Style.

TORY MPs CALL FOR A U TURN AS PLACES CRISIS HITS CONSERVATIVE HEARTLANDS. Michael Gove’s misplaced  obsession with Free Schools and Academies, which was broadly supported by his Labour Shadows Stephen Twigg and especially Tristram Hunt was a blatant and un nuanced attempt to destroy Local Authority control of schools once and for all. Perish … Continue reading

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