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“The Age of Anxiety Returns, OR did it ever leave us?”, asks Dr.Peter Asquith Cowan.


“Does Owen Smith Have What It Takes?”

The Desperation of the Establishment For a “Remain” Vote is Telling

The EU Referendum debate was initially a God send for the Establishment as it creates a convenient distraction from the calamities being inflicted on working people by this Government. The Europe issue provides a rallying cry through which Capital can create a consensus of so called moderate voices in the Tory Party and the Labour … Continue reading

Support the House of Commons Motion to Exclude the NHS From TTIP!

Originally posted on Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire:
TTIP is not a new tea bag, it’s a dangerous Trade Treaty between the EU and the USA which will effectively see the speed at which the NHS is being sold off become turbo charged. France has asked for her film industry to be excluded, and we…

Join the People’s Assembly NHS Day of Action this Monday!

Originally posted on Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire:
Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorkshire activists will be joining the National NHS Day of Action called by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. When: Monday 29th February Mid Day- 2pm Where: Hull Royal Infirmary, Anlaby Road Entrance. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/461460114049759/ Twitter: @saveournhshull Demonstrations will be taking…

Explosive New Legal Advice and TTIP.

Originally posted on Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire:
New legal advice causes local fury as local Eurosceptic MP fails to act on EU threat to local NHS services. Furious local residents from Haltemprice & Howden are calling for action from their local MP David Davis after expert legal advice seen by Save Our…

TTIP Explained. Why We Should Be Worried For Our NHS

Originally posted on Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire:
This article appeared in the Independent last year and gives a summary of why the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is such a big deal; and why politicians such as David Davis don’t want us to know about it. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a…

The EU Referendum, “We’re Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t”.

111: Government Refusal to Heed Warnings From 2013

Originally posted on Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire:
Health Secretary was warned by GP’s about 111 being a recipe for disaster say Campaigners. In December 2013 Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire activists, along with County Councillor Keith Moore and Goole Councillor Brent Huntingdon attended a meeting of East Riding Clinical Commissioning…

What Does the “Red Door” Scandal Tell Us About the UK in 2016?

There was a belated media storm yesterday following the revelation that a company subcontracted by the notorious private partner of the public sector, G4S had branded refugee households in Middlesbrough by painting their front doors red. If residents chose to paint their doors in a less conspicuous way then the company returned the door to it’s original … Continue reading

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